Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Blog Questionare

I saw this wonderful, questionare on The Last Stitch website: she is an interesting blogger who takes wonderful pictures and is always doing interesting things.

What's the yuckiest food you know? Whatever that science experiment was that I just threw away out of the back of the fridge. I have no idea what it used to be, don't want to know. I am not a very picky eater really, I like vegetables. One weird thing that I can't stand is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, its too squishy and weird salty sweet.

Mention 5 things that you are happy with regarding your career?

1. The variety and focus of the work that I do in my current job. I examine the financial statements for all sorts of companies and it really isn't as boring as it sounds. For instance, did you know that Stuart Weitz. shoe company is 55% owned by the parent Co. of Jones Apparel?

2. The implied respect that comes with actually having letters behind your name. I'm pretty proud of being a CPA.

3. The logic. Yes, there is logic to accounting. 2+2=4, and it always will.

4. The view from my office window.

5. Job security. Companies will always need bean counters.

Do you have any regrets in life? Doesn't everyone? I wish I hadn't let my sister get between me and my mom. I wish I had had more fun growing up, you really can't go back.

Whatever. Its what you do with today that is important.

What are you going to wear this winter? Dresses, in spite of my office full of men. With my Cole Haan knee high boots from last Christmas. I want to make a leather skirt this year, they are all over the department stores.

Other than that, wait and see.

What is your most expensive piece of clothing? I have become quite a shoe diva. This happened when I started working across the street from Nordstrom. Kate Spade absolutely spoiled me. Yes you really can have a comfy pair of 3 1/2" heels. I have become quite a bargains shopper. The latest addition to my collection is a pair of patent leather Katie's that she called navy, but I swear are black. I got them for a steal (118) at One of my favorite purchases is this pair of red pumps from Bettye Meuller.

Do you have any secret talents? If I told you, they wouldn't be a secret would they?

What did you do last weekend? My biggest accomplishment was getting most of the way done with my first fall dress Vogue 1206. It was a wonderful weekend!

What are your five most important to-do's this week?

1. Put pockets on that new dress so I can sneak out to the grocery store next door without having to carry my purse. Its together enough to be wearable now, but it needs some fit tweaking. You sewers know how that goes...The top of it looks really good:

2. I really need to go to the doctor and get my annual physical *UGH*

3. Finish analyzing the long term debt of a financial company called Platinum. Its one of those things that you call a learning experience!

4. Lose another few pounds. If you exercise that low carb thing really works, I shed 5 pounds last week.

5. Most importantly, get the A/C in my truck fixed! *UGH* it will probably cost the equivalent of 5 pairs of shoes.

What are you wearing now? Purchased jeans from Eddie Bauer which are about 2" too short and a silk jersey sleeveless shirt from that Vogue pattern that got tons of reviews a few years back. Its perfect for a middle aged Saturday night.

Last song you listened to? Not counting the songs that just happen to be playing when you get in the car... The last song that I deliberately listened to was from a Beatles anthology called Love that came out a few years ago.

Best beauty trick? Don't dress in denial, wear clothes that fit. Wearing things that are too tight doesn't make you look any skinnier. Wearing things that are too young doesn't make you look any younger.

Which clothes style do you prefer on men? What ever makes it easier for them to take the trash out... I'm not in the mood to not be snarky.

And ugliest? Refer to my prior comment about denial.

What magazines do you read? Burda, of course. I don't have a current subscription, but September was very impressive. I also like Bon Appetite. I am currently debating getting the ice-cream attachment for my Kitchen aid mixer so I am officially back in the mood to cook.

Now back to sewing. I have several things is the works for this fall, and if I can just keep my focus I will have a pretty fabulous wardrobe!

However, I can't find my camera, which really cuts down on my blogging and my reviewing.

Monday, July 11, 2011

THE dress (BWOF db sleeveless trench)

So, we all know how hard it is to find sewing hero's, much less sewing hero's who know that we are alive! So when you do find one and she not only knows your name, but she traces you a pattern from one of her 2001 BWOF patterns you should show some respect and sew it right away, not 3 years later, right?

Yeah well, its 2 or 3 years later...
Original review here:

How can you compete with that! Not only is it a perfect fitting size 6, but if she didn't show the construction details I would just believe that it had descended from heaven!
So, she traced me a 42 or a 44, I dont' remember which, but I was too prooud to admit that it did come near fitting! How do you grade up a single size pattern? by trial and error and with difficulty. Here is the original pattern page:

(stolen from Kay of course).

Well, I botched the upper collar topstitching. I will be ripping and resewing, sober next time.

I am sizing up to a 46 which is actually going OK. I just need to work out the details, I want to add bulky belt loops and maybe some cargo pockets with brassy zippers on them and snaps on the front!
*sigh* maybe tomorrow I will get in some sewing
too much drama today...

But, I love my new job doing SEC Reporting. Its much more interesting than it sounds.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Luscious Linton!

I consider it my duty as a self proclaimed fabric connoisseur to report on my experiences with the one and only "Linton Tweed" as purchased at
After many, many hours of snooping and ogling I finally actually ordered some tweed. I was pleasantly surprised. For some reason good customer service still surprises me...

I ordered 3 pieces at 2 meters each on a Wednesday afternoon, and I had my lovelies by Monday! I can order from 1,000 miles away and not get it that fast! I had an email confirmation by Thursday morning (order #180!), I politely inquired about my tracking number (which they politely sent) and I received my package Monday!

Pictured here is #2852 which is oh so close to a Oscar De La Renta dress which I saw at Saks Off Fifth ave earlier this year. (the top fabric is a paisley silk which happens to blend perfectly). The variations in texture betweent he finely woven inserts and the heavy colored yarns were a fabulous contrast from the old fuddy 'Chanel' fabric that I saw in the fabric shops, and ODL turned it in to a young and vibrant corset dress. I had to find some and do something young with it...

Now the hard part, finding something young to do with it...

The black and white (in the background of the swatches) is about 50/50 silk and cotton so it easily transforms into this dress V8739. I would like to add a collar, we will see how it goes...

My favorite of the 3 fabrics is the red/tan one seen here: is my favorite and I will wait for this fall to decide what it wants me to turn it into.

They also sent me quite a few swatches which I am mulling over. I will say, if you see something that you want you had better order it, they do sell out of some things.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

2011 Marfy Dreams

As another Month-End-Close starts (12 hr work days for a week and a half), and another jacket gets close to done I have turned my attention to whats next.

The pink jacket with the angled front seaming would look stunning in white denim and a print for the cuffs.

I love these 2 shirts. I am always on the lookout for new shirt patterns for stripes, and #2410 is super cute in a natural silk noil-type fabric for spring.

That sleeveless tan jacket is perfect for weekends in tan. Don't you just love the hemline?

Dress 2596 in plaid has very interesting and flattering seaming and drape even though I am not crazy about the top and sleeves. I know that I would have to go with something short sleeved for this town, that looks hot!

I haven't bought the two jackets below, very unique sleeve treatment but I am not sure how wearable they are. I love that gathered collar on the right and the sleeves would look cute if shortened to right below the gathers.

This a good start, lots more pictures to follow so stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1 UFO Conquered -Marfy 1885

I was so in the mood for spring clothes!

The tomato plants have grown into bushes, the weather is dependably in the 80's and the grass is finally retuning to green (at least the weeds are).

When you are short on time and looking for a quick fix the only thing better than shopping your stash is shopping your UFO's.

What stood out for me most was this shirt!

Marfy 1885 and it looks fabulous!

The only thing more fabulous than the front is the back!

Love it!

The only things I had to finish was the arm binding and the sew on the buttons.

What was I waiting for? It looks great with that blue leather jacket.

I have decided to use the dress with the ruffle at the neck, and I am down to hand stitching the hem and lining the sleeves of that other jacket pluss buttons & buttonholes.

I will see how much I can get done this weekend

Monday, March 28, 2011

Marfy for 2011! 1637 redone

I am loving this jacket. Even lovin' the collar! So now, so Kay Unger-esque. I told my husband that and he asked me which circus she worked for, go figure. (This from a man who buys clothes at the hardware store. *whatever*).

Changes made:

I completely revolutionized the collar of course!

I also added 2" to the peplum. I like the length a little longer

I made the pockets angled like regular pockets (yeah that just looked awkward)

Here is the line drawing:

After wearing the other jacket for a few years I have a couple of observations: no pockets really drives me crazy!, the collar is kind of flippy and a touch awkward, I really think I will like it with a slightly longer look

As for problem #1, I LOVE pockets and this jacket has 3 welt pockets including the interior right breast pocket

#2 I changed the collar so that the upper an lower are joined (I used my Armstrong Patterndrafting book for this)

#3 I added 2" to the peplum of the jacket and 1 1/2" to the top of the bodice like last time.

I just need to add the sleeve lining, I may understitch the collar, add some canvas to the shoulder area and raise the hem just a tad.

Of course I am already thinking of what I can cut next (crazy!)

I have always wanted to make something fab out of that purple on the right, but I only have 1 3/4 yards of it so I am thinking dress:

I have it layed out on Vogue 1233, but I don't quite have enough for the bias band and I would have to make it out of black. On the other hand, I could use 1206.

What do you think for the spring purple:

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Marfy 1637 progress for a 4 day weekend

I got the welt pockets in which in itself is an accomplishment.I also got some more fitting approval, and finagled with the fit.

I also set in the sleeves, but i think I need a layer of batting and maybe a layer of canvas to help the structure of the sleeves.
BUT, you will not truly have identity for the garment until you have the collar on it. I am still undecided. I like the pleats and how they creat the texture and the character. But, I am thinking of toning down the statement like making it straighter and narrower. I will wait and think about it tomorrow.
I hope to be done with this and wearing it! Maybe if nothing else comes up.
I have plenty of other things in various stages of unfinished, which does usually keep me from wearing them!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Well Fitting marfy 1637

I have been working pretty diligently on my lined jacket.

I added a couple of inches to the peplum, and 1 1/2 to the upper jacket. I did my usual fit adjustments which are squaring the shoulders a tad and tapering out from the waist to hips. Even the back looks pretty good!

I am glad I made it longer, its a more elegant and dressy look.

This time I will be sure to put the pockets! That's the thing that really drives me nuts about the other one, no pockets. I am going to put them where pinned on the right front.

And I am not crazy about the neckline a drafted, so I made it narrower by about 3/4" on each side.

I can't say anything, it looks just like the pattern drawing!

I was going to do bound button holes, but I really don't have enough fabric left. How is that for efficiency!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lined Jacket Contest

I have started working on my lined jacket for the contest. I really thought about making something new, but I really wanted a summer version of Marfy 1637.
I know that there are a lot of cute new things, but I felt like going with something familiar.
I am making some changes though. I am narrowing the neckline by about an inch so it isn't so wide.
The upper collar isn't going to change (so far) so it should come a little lower on the neckline. I am thinking about taking the lower collar piece and making it a ruffle. I have a good bit of fabric left over, so I have some room to play with this.
I am also making it 2" longer by lengthening the bottom peplum.
You can see some of my pattern chages in the layout here.
The fabric is a fabulous silk/wool blend from High's which has a lovely gold sheen and a fabulous drape.
The lining that you see is a pretty silk charmeuse roll end from EOS
I promise, I will post pictures of my Marfy patterns. I haven't received my order yet, but there were quite a few wonderful things in that new catalog.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Break from Soul Sucking

I am back...

I have been away for awhile (understatement)

Not sewing much (understatement)

That perfect 45 hour a week job has taken a turn towards 50 hour soul sucking, but thats another story. "What do you look for in a job?" for another time.
I have finished a skirt from this wonderful navy window pain plaid:
Its McCalls 5523 and its quite worth the fan fair. Lovely potential for stripes and plaids. So, of course I went over board:
Bias plaid on the sides and the gusset in this dark plaid make it almost boring and plain, or almost over the top. The back has a gusset which adds flair, and the plaid looks quite interesting:

Check out those shoes!! Kenneth Coles gray snake and silver heels! I grabbed them over lunch one day.

This is another job hazard, lunch at Nordstrom!
I have never been a shop till you drop gal, but i have spent more time in Ann Taylor in the last month than I did in years before that. I haven't been around clothes hoarders much so this is quite new to me. They have closets stuffed full of cheap clothes, some of which they have NEVER worn!
They drag me shopping because I'm the best heavy. They want me to talk them out of buying the wrong thing and I can do that. "Do you LOVE it?" Am I the only one who asks this?
Shoes are my weakness. I'll show you my Kate Spades next.
Next i will post some spring plans, including another Marfy 1637 for that lined jacket contest.

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