Saturday, May 29, 2010

Muslins, muslins

I had such high hopes for a 3 day weekend, and I did get some sewing done.
I got more naps, and some cooking, but I didn't even really do any sewing until today.

I have started my exploration of dressmaking by actually making a muslin... thank goodness.

This is Vogue 1183 (I can't get the link to work). It really doesn't work on me, not even close! Even in a different color, the cut isn't going to work.

I got to leave work early Fri. and picked up some great fabric at High's and I think that I will use with this other dress pattern. The pattern is Vogue 8280 which has gotten rave PR reviews.
So, should I go ahead and cut it out with that blue wool/silk blend for the skirt (3/4 yd remnant), and that fabulous gold and cream cotton for the top?

Or should I make an ugly muslin in gray wool that has no body or shape that makes just about everything look horrible?
Even when I weighed 50 lbs less I could never wear all one color head to toe; it always looked horrible so I really think that it more to do with my height than weight.

Oh, I have one more muslin in the works. It is a trench-dress that Kay Y traced and sent me from one of her early 2000's BWOF. This is the top:
the skirt will be A-Line, and I plan on making it out of a dark red cotton twill instead of this too-crisp linen...

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