Friday, February 12, 2010

Marfy 1245 Fitting

When you look at this from a sewing construction perspective, it is actually pretty tricky. But, Marfy has never designed for the faint of heart.

The front band isn't just inserted into the seam like trim, it is sew to the front before the yoke (and trim) are sewn on. Also, for the front facing I cut the center and inner front, but the top facing (pattern is included) only extends to the edge of the inner front.

But, I did decide to do the topstitching. It looked too boring without it.
I sewed it with emboidery floss by machine. It was tricky to get the tension and stitch length right, and my machine complained loudly every stitch of the way but I'm happy. I sure hope that The Swiss don't hold a grudge, I owe my elna a drink.

I know that it looks tight in the hips and I will let it out, but my hips are simply too big. The back needs support in the form of padding as well as the hips let out. Another thing that sucks about topstitching is that the seams are set once you stitch them.

1245 Jacket progress

I finally got to JoAnn's for some embroidery thread for topstitching, but they didn't have any Tiger Tape. Since I didn't want my topstitching to look as bad as my handwriting, I put it through the needle of my sewing machine. I know that I am probably not suposed to do that, and the machine doesn't like it but it seems to work.
I am just not sure if I like it. The optical illusion that it creates is kind of crooked and it kind of makes me crazy.

I also got my fabric for the Marfy 2155 blouse and I think that it will look fabulous! I just have to decide how to pre-shrink it, it is cotton but I don't want to lose any of the sheen by washing it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Marfy 2155 Sleeve Challenge

I really love these sleeves!

I got the pattern yesterday expecting them to look like the famous Simplicity knit twist top that has been reviewed over a hundred time, but they don't!

The matching points are pretty well marked. A, B, C and D line up on the back of the pattern and the back of the sleeve in descending order; and A, E, H and D line up down the front of the sleeve. I think I can figure this out, but it is definitely going to take a sleeve muslin! My biggest concern is that their sleeves are often tight on me because I carry quite a bit in my upper arms.

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