Friday, February 12, 2010

1245 Jacket progress

I finally got to JoAnn's for some embroidery thread for topstitching, but they didn't have any Tiger Tape. Since I didn't want my topstitching to look as bad as my handwriting, I put it through the needle of my sewing machine. I know that I am probably not suposed to do that, and the machine doesn't like it but it seems to work.
I am just not sure if I like it. The optical illusion that it creates is kind of crooked and it kind of makes me crazy.

I also got my fabric for the Marfy 2155 blouse and I think that it will look fabulous! I just have to decide how to pre-shrink it, it is cotton but I don't want to lose any of the sheen by washing it.


  1. Maybe you'll find another answer for your topstitching. Decorative? Maybe a color, like red? Or maybe it's just right as it is.

  2. I'd never heard of Tiger Tape before reading this. Would you have then topstitched by hand?
    I think the top stitching in your photo looks pretty good (I know mine can be pretty shaky).

  3. I had never heard of Tiger Tape until Jenni (sewyld) talked about it. I couldn't find it this time, but here is a link:
    It is a stick on tape with regular markings on it to help keep your hand stitching even and straight.


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