Friday, May 17, 2013

StyleARC Patsy

This weekend I started my first StyleArc.  This is the Patsy top which is similar to several designer tops that I have seen over the last couple of seasons.  

I made my first version (dare I say the M word) out of pretty lightweight silk jersey (not muslin, watch your mouth).  It'll be nice and comfy for weekends, but it really needs to be a more substantial fabric for office wear.  I like the design, and the construction was quite easy.

In this feather weight jersey, it stretched 2 1/2 inches and the neckline spreads unattractively. 
It also needs sleeves.

These things can be fixed, this is really comfy and the color will look great with those nice new cobalt jeans.

Oh yeah, I need to lose about 20 lbs, which I am working towards.
Seriously, its one of the unintended side effects of MMM.

Its much more stylish than your normal T-shirt, and really easy to make.  There are no bindings to worry about and the hem is a built in rolled hem.

Well, at least it would have been easy if my serger hadn't decided to get all loopy in the loopers.  Yes, I changed the needles and fiddled with the tensions until I was blue in the face.  My next step is to track down the manual and see it is any help.  Its a White 534 that my mom got back in the 80's.

I ended up turning up the serged edge into a hem.  I tried to sew it flat without getting tucks in it, but that didn't work out very well.  If I have to turn it under agin next time, I will hand stitch it.
Anyway, I like the pattern.  I think I will make another one in some wonderful black and white jersey with short sleeves.  I was considering bias
silk charmeuse, but the wrong side of the fabric shows for the front flounce.  I considered facing it, but that would mean 3 layers of fabric on the shoulders, too much?

I think I will save the charmeuse for the Colette Jasmine, which I would love to post a picture of... maybe after I figure this new thing out.

ETA:  After I published, I was able to go back and edit out most of my problems.  I'm still annoyed and considering switching.  Any other Blogger advice?  This has been nothing but trouble...  Is it hard to switch and keep  your followers?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Great big apology -More MMM outfits *only 10 more days*

I'm so sorry

Last Friday I accidentally posted a rant when I meant to save for editing.  If I hurt someones feelings I sincerely apologize.  There are many people in the online sewing community that I have learned from and I really appreciate them taking the time to share their knowledge.  Its really easy to feel like you are having a private conversation, but on the Internet there is no such thing.

Back to sewing

Day 16: If my house ever catches fire, I'm grabbing this blouse on my way out.

Marfy 0692 top, McCalls skirt
This top is the free pattern 0692 from years ago in a Just Cavalli print that was way too expensive, but has become one of my great loves.  We all love some clothes more than others, admit it, you have your favorites too.  Its a MMM repeat of course, nobody noticed.Why are some participants so concerned about this?  Who doesn't love a bias cut silk charmeuse blouse. 

Silk charmeuse on the bias is one of my favorite home sewing accomplishments.  No secrets, no tips, just take your time, cut single layer and yes, its like trying to sew Jello.  I've tried starch and the tissue paper and some of the other things that you hear and its still a pain. But when you do finish it wraps around you like a warm hug from your mother.

Looks gorgeous, feels divine  so i forgive it and wear it forever.  Yes, I just serged the neckline and hem... only seamstresses would see that as unfinished.

Day 17:  Linen and Marfy wear forever. 

Marfy 9239 linen jacket from 2006 with new Burda jeans
I don't wear my pink safari jacket too often, but sometimes it just works.  Its from 2006 which was pre-blog, but my pattern review is on PR here and YES, it still buttons!

 I really do actually get something accomplished at the office once and awhile.  Besides accidentally publishing posts instead of just uploading pictures:  I love my desk, I only use half of it, so the wing is often used for cutting or taping patterns.  What you see in the lower left corner is Colette Jasmine downloaded and being taped.
Weekends are for jeans and simple jersey tops.  Don't go out much, mainly grocery shopping.  I accept the fact that you are dressed up enough for WalMart as long as you wear shoes.

I spent my weekend working on a Style Arc Patsy top, most of that was spent discussing tension with my old White 534 serger.  I'll post on that later.
BWOF 02-2009 and new Burda jeans with the worst glare spot ever!

Day 20:  Come as you are...

I love the atmosphere at my job, I can dress up or down.  Either way nobody questions it.  The office dress code is "yes, you must dress in something, shoes are suggested".  On Monday its one of those new pairs of jeans in dark blue denim from EOS, stashed for years, and an even older Burda magazine top.  Its 02-2009-125 that I seem to remember blogging somewhere.
Every outfit looks better with cool shoes, they can really dress up jeans.


Day 21:  Back to my old self

I love this Matthew Williamson dress from BurdaStyle 09-2012-134  yes, its a repeat, but who cares.  I am not a very prolific sewer and I have a weird neurosis about public dressing rooms so, I only have about 2 weeks worth of wearable work wardrobe. 

My next goal is to find a better place to photograph that doesn't involve a garage door or a trash can. 
But its so easy, I just set the camera on the bed of my truck and hit the timer.  The dark background is flattering, and I am not late for work!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Me-Made-May half-way

On day 13 its time for a closer look at those jeans.  I finally got better pictures of the dark blue pairs and  immediately went on a diet.

These pictures were taken after a long day of sitting and stress, so they seem a bit stretched.  There is lycra in them, and they don't feel like they are all cotton, but I am happy with them, they feel fine and don't seem to shrink much.

I'm still happy with the pattern, and I look forward to moving on to something that doesn't require such a heavy stitch.

I still love Marfy 1895, but the dry cleaners laundered it instead of dry-cleaning it and the sleeves shrank almost an inch!  I would shorten the to short sleeves, but the sleeve style really doesn't work that way.  I'm also not rushing into cut it because it already doesn't fit in the front anymore.

I still love the colors though.  Some of the construction details are here, and the pattern review is here.

On the 14th I wore my favorite gray pants from Burda magazine July 2009.  I tweaked the fit and made 32 (thats 3, not 32. couldn't afford that much fabric) pairs at once.  I wear them so often that the black pair have worn down to shiny and all 3 pairs have tattered linings.

The beautiful red jacket is Vogue 1037 reviewed here on PR.  I really like this and get many compliments.  It doesn't fit in the front here.  I just refuse to give up some of my favorite garments.  Many women have this problem and walk around with buttons undone or bursting.  I just haven't had time to remake all my fabulous clothes.
The charmeuse top is Marfy 0692 which is remade from a skirt.  It was my second review in 2005, how cute?  It was one of those refashioning contests reviewed.  It really could be a couple of inches longer, but what can I say, I ran out of skirt.  I just have to lengthen the look by wearing a jacket.

Today, day 15 it was cool and rainy this morning, but hot and steamy this afternoon so more layers were in order.

My favorite new leather jacket Marfy 2286 and Marfy 2280 which I absolutely love to wear and goes with almost everything on the planet.  The camisole is another version of Marfy free pattern 0692.

Check out those shoes!  New, fresh out of the box from LK Bennet.   I got them on sale straight from Great Britain.  Funny, these arrived in less time than an orders from many US retailers even though they shipped from Lutterworth, GB United Kingdom.

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