Sunday, June 7, 2015

90 MPH to nothing -and a new Marfy

Can I share a secret?
I take my job way too seriously...

In March I decided to give up the familiar work with great coworkers and headed to a new job back in the suburbs.  The terrific news is, I no longer worked 70 - 80 hours a week or spent 2 hours a day in traffic!
Marfy 3698, in my old new office

I got to downshift from 90 mph to 60 mph.

I liked the job, the company, and the 50 hour work week. Its business casual, how can you not love that!

On May 29th I was informed that the due to the downturn in oil and gas drilling, my services were no longer required...

Have you ever slammed on the brakes doing 60 mph?

Free with 2015 catalog
So, more on being unemployed later...

You're really here for the new Marfy, right…

With my new found sewing time I've finally finished one thing!

So I made it a good thing!  I love this blouse!  Its a free pattern with the 2015 catalog.

Bias layout -Isn't that fabric gorgeous!!!
This silk CDC is from an Australian store called Tessuti, their online store is here and they get the most stunning digital print silks.  If you look closely you can tell that its a panel, there is a ;one where the pattern mirrors.

It is very simple pattern, a front and a back.

This is 138 cms wide and I got 1.25 meters which was (almost) perfect, with a little creativity.
Can you see the seam?

I had to finagle it and it wouldn't quite fit so I decided to added a seam across the back from the neckline to the armhole.

You don't even notice it for the gorgeous print.  Here you can also see the line between the design panels.

Rose Gathering, Tessuti
Here is the fabric picture from Tessuti.

Good think I've been stashing fabric.

Well, tomorrow is Monday of week 2.

I'm going to keep my sanity and keep my days on track.  I have a to-do list and I keep myself to it.

Everyday I vow to:

  • Clean something (like my car or a closet)
  • Apply for something (and harass a recruiter)
  • Sew something
The forces of EEEVIILLL come in many forms
Its weird, I haven't been unemployed for more than 2 weeks since umm, 2009 I guess.  Ironically the 6 month temp job lasted for 4 years, the supposed career position lasted 3 months.

My biggest struggle is against the supreme dark forces that rule the house.  

The over-stuffed recliner, soft-purry-kitty combination creates a wormhole in the space time continuum that is inescapable and makes time fast forward.  I could doze to the 7AM news and awaken to Jerry Springer 4 hours later.

The great soft-purry one even tries to hijack sewing.  Although she prefers to rest on white fabrics where she looks pretties, she will settle for whatever interrupts me the most.

Oh, I need more coffee.
I could research, apply, follow up and setup meetings
Or I could watch sewing tutorials, and shop...
So, when you roll yourself out of bed and drag yourself through Monday morning traffic think of me.  I'm on the back porch with no shoes picking through job listings, sipping coffee, watching birds, checking out Instagram and feeling sorry for all those people stuck in traffic.

Unemployment happens, you must prepare years in advance.  Prepare with conservative purchases of big things and hoarding the necessities like good scissors, lots of coffee, lots of sewing projects and supplies.

First I'm working on some every day casual clothes.  I know that Marfy can appear to be a little too 'guest of the wedding' but it also works for 'guest of the grocery store' and you're not going to have an interview day.  Some days you must research and network at a baseball game or a nail salon.  You never know where you will make great contacts and meet the perfect controller looking for the perfect assistant controller…

Up next, I'll post some work wear!

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