Saturday, September 26, 2009

Best Laid Plans...

Plan A

Nice, but a bit too casual for the new job search environment. That is a shame because the only thing that I have actually started is the BWOF wrap top in the upper right hand corner.

I would like to keep the green and blue paisley in the wrap top with the ruffle. Are ruffles a no-no at interviews? Probably.

I will just have to turn that ruffle into a collar.

Plan B
I really like the suit Upper Left
(Vogue 1162 Tracy Reese)
I am probably not going to ust the red silk, it really doesn't fit in.
I really like those blouses and skirts.
I guess I will have to go fabric shopping tomorrow and find some nice charcoal and grab about 4 yards.

Lined Jacket Contest

I am still working on another copy of Vogue 1037 jacket. I really like it, but I am changing a few things this time.

  • Collar

  • Neckline

  • Size *Aack*

  • Length

The collar is too small and too Vintage which goes along with the neckline which is too open and broad. I am still not sure how I feel about broad necklines, but the collar looks out of proportion. The size was too tight through the shoulders and back so I let it out as much as I could through the sleeve seams. I also added to the length.

Other than that I loved it so much that I needed another one. I am still going to tweek the fit a bit, but I don't want to make it so well fitted in the back that I can't move my arms.

I took it to my first ASG meeting this week and they think that it needs thin shoulder pads. I will try that.

ASG unanimously agreed that you don't wear a red suit to a job interview, just my luck. So, I will have to go to plan B.

I still need to put on the welt pockets, and draft the collar. I should get to that next week.

*That* wrap top!

Contemplating my wardrobe today, *still*

I'm done with the famous BWOF wrap top, and almost impressed but not quite. It isn't that it looks bad, or is uncomfortable, it was just so hyped. I guess I am just a little lumpy for it. Peggy blames it on the weight of the knit which is probably true. It is a gauzy silk jersey from Emma One Sock and I love, love the colors and the pattern, but it is a bit thin. The looseness of the fabric could also be why it actually seems a tad large.

I actually traced this pattern fairly soon after I got my hands on the magazine. That was over a year ago on the Pattern classifieds. I have actually laid it out twice, but never cut it. It is supposed to be made from 60" fabric, not 45", but I pieced the ties which are incredibly long.

I know you can't see it in this picture, but there is a faux cami for the lower front. I need to add at least 2" to this next time, you can't even tell that it is there! I know, I didn't follow the instructions to finish the top band, but lawdy I dind't understand them! I had my 5/8" seam allowance so I serged it and turned it under for a casing. I cut the elastic about 2" shorter than the top edge, but I have no idea how long that elastic is. I don't know about the half life of elastic, but this has given up on recovery after just 1 wearing.

Don't ya love that print!

I serged the fabric, then turned under the edges and stitched them down with a slight zigzag for finishing. One of these days I will have my coverstitch machine...

Review should be posted by Monday or Tuesday.

I like the top, and I will probably wear it quite a bit. I guess after the hype I was hoping for that "Jalie" wow that I got from this shirt:
It feels good to actually finish something! Now, back to my red jacket and job interview wardrobe.

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