Thursday, October 29, 2009

More on Vogue 1126 -80% Done

I did work on this today. I added the padding to the back and it does look better to me. I also took out, and resewed those sleeve caps. I added sleeve heads but they are too small and you can't even tell that they are there.

I improved the collar and the roll line of the lapel just by trimming all the seam allowances. I pressed up the hems on the sleeves, but could go even be shorter.

I haven't forgotten about this, I am just "letting it Breathe" like a fine wine. The sleeves are wearable and comfortable, but I won't be able to wear big flowing sleeves, I need to tone it down a notch.

If you can't tell from my typing, I hasv already taken my sleeping pill so I will be going to bed for now.

For today's interview, we will be appearing in vintage navy pinstripes

A warm hug from the past, and a resounding testament to hand tailoring.

This is a tailored jacket that I made in 1995 for my life as a "professional." I got the chalk stripe Ralph Lauren wool flannel in Jackson, TN for $50/yard which was outrageous for me at that time. I never dreamed that I would still be sporting this 14 years later for a job interview as an accountant.

Although, it should have been obvious with those navy pinstripes. Seriously, who wears double breasted navy pinstriped suits besides lawyers and accountants.
This started as a skirt, pants and jacket, but the pants were much, much too warm for winters here. Since the skirt was 2 or 3 inches too small by now, I cut the back apart at the side darts and cut a side back panel from the front pieces of the pants. You can barely see it in the picture to the left. I put inverted pleats to the bottom so that I would have more range of motion. They also add to that "I meant for it to look this way" illusion.

I like the whole look with that modern Burda striped red top, very professional. I may lower the hem an inch, and I may not.

The jacket pattern is a DKNY "Semi-fitted lined, below hip double breasted jacket with notched collar, welt pockets, side back seams, back vent, shoulder pads and long 2 piece sleeves with mock vent.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sewing Musings

I had a nice touch of spring waiting for me in the mailbox this morning. I love getting packages from Emma OneSock, she seldom disapoints. I am glad that I got the last practical fabric (hah, practical) before she was innundated with Christmas sparkles.

It is fabulous silk jersey which is my biggest vice. This lovely, substantial fabric can't wait until spring. It will be a knock out sweetheart top on any winter rainy day.

Hhmm, good chance of rain tomorrow, and I really can get a shirt done in a day.

As for winter:

There is a new sewing contest about sewing with wool starting November 1. I am thinking about this jacket which is Marfy 1245 in black and white houndstooth or birdseye with black sateen trim. The only thing that I would change is the lower sleeve piece, that just looks awkward.

Or, I could use this: In a normal, plain jacket pattern.
I am going to universal Fabrics this afternoon, I may come home with something completely different.
Good thing I have more than a week to decide!

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