Thursday, March 31, 2011

2011 Marfy Dreams

As another Month-End-Close starts (12 hr work days for a week and a half), and another jacket gets close to done I have turned my attention to whats next.

The pink jacket with the angled front seaming would look stunning in white denim and a print for the cuffs.

I love these 2 shirts. I am always on the lookout for new shirt patterns for stripes, and #2410 is super cute in a natural silk noil-type fabric for spring.

That sleeveless tan jacket is perfect for weekends in tan. Don't you just love the hemline?

Dress 2596 in plaid has very interesting and flattering seaming and drape even though I am not crazy about the top and sleeves. I know that I would have to go with something short sleeved for this town, that looks hot!

I haven't bought the two jackets below, very unique sleeve treatment but I am not sure how wearable they are. I love that gathered collar on the right and the sleeves would look cute if shortened to right below the gathers.

This a good start, lots more pictures to follow so stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1 UFO Conquered -Marfy 1885

I was so in the mood for spring clothes!

The tomato plants have grown into bushes, the weather is dependably in the 80's and the grass is finally retuning to green (at least the weeds are).

When you are short on time and looking for a quick fix the only thing better than shopping your stash is shopping your UFO's.

What stood out for me most was this shirt!

Marfy 1885 and it looks fabulous!

The only thing more fabulous than the front is the back!

Love it!

The only things I had to finish was the arm binding and the sew on the buttons.

What was I waiting for? It looks great with that blue leather jacket.

I have decided to use the dress with the ruffle at the neck, and I am down to hand stitching the hem and lining the sleeves of that other jacket pluss buttons & buttonholes.

I will see how much I can get done this weekend

Monday, March 28, 2011

Marfy for 2011! 1637 redone

I am loving this jacket. Even lovin' the collar! So now, so Kay Unger-esque. I told my husband that and he asked me which circus she worked for, go figure. (This from a man who buys clothes at the hardware store. *whatever*).

Changes made:

I completely revolutionized the collar of course!

I also added 2" to the peplum. I like the length a little longer

I made the pockets angled like regular pockets (yeah that just looked awkward)

Here is the line drawing:

After wearing the other jacket for a few years I have a couple of observations: no pockets really drives me crazy!, the collar is kind of flippy and a touch awkward, I really think I will like it with a slightly longer look

As for problem #1, I LOVE pockets and this jacket has 3 welt pockets including the interior right breast pocket

#2 I changed the collar so that the upper an lower are joined (I used my Armstrong Patterndrafting book for this)

#3 I added 2" to the peplum of the jacket and 1 1/2" to the top of the bodice like last time.

I just need to add the sleeve lining, I may understitch the collar, add some canvas to the shoulder area and raise the hem just a tad.

Of course I am already thinking of what I can cut next (crazy!)

I have always wanted to make something fab out of that purple on the right, but I only have 1 3/4 yards of it so I am thinking dress:

I have it layed out on Vogue 1233, but I don't quite have enough for the bias band and I would have to make it out of black. On the other hand, I could use 1206.

What do you think for the spring purple:

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