Friday, January 10, 2014

Marfy 9462 progress

Love the collar to death!
I sewed the outer edge of the collar (used 3/8" seam allowances) and lapel together.  Then I sewed the under collar to the shirt and hand stitched the inside seam to the inside of the seam.  It lays beautifully.  The waist needs a little tweaking and I need some sleeves, petal sleeves I think.

More sewing on this and those pants this weekend.

I love Friday nights, the weekend possibilities are endless. I know that between now and Sunday night a thousand distractions and emergencies will arise and I probably won't get that much done.  But, from where I sit on Friday night I can have a while new wardrobe by Monday morning, and spend hours working out at the gym.
This weekend in particular will crawl by.  My new Marfy 2014-2015 catalog is on its way.  In fact, its in Louisville clearing customs.  Don't ya just love UPS online tracking!  I should have exciting pics posted by Monday night.

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