Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Something fitting- Patsy and Kay Unger

Vogue 1329
So, I got my dress basted together and it doesn't fit as bad as it could have.
It can come in more at the waist and hips, but I didn't want to take a chance.  I think I need to recut the black piece and place it to match the corresponding front black piece.

I like the print though.  I also like the white yoke even though that is just muslin fabric.  I'll recut it later and line it so it isn't see through.  I think I will also see how it looks extended over my shoulder a little.

I also need to keep exercising. I'll see how this looks fitted before I determine if its too much print for me.

The Colette pattern is looking better too.  Diane was awesome.  How great is it to have a friend who can help you fit a silk charmeuse shirt!

Colette Jasmine
It needs to be more shaped at the waist and have the hem straightened, but it there is hope.

I also think that it may drape well if I let it hang overnight (or so) and let it drape.  From my experience, bias tops kind of drape and adapt as they settle in shape.  At least the ones in good fabric do, by that I mean tightly woven and heavier fabric.

It also still has to bulky 2" seam allowance poofing at the sides.  Right now the seams are just basted.  When I get the seams to where I want them I will trim the SA's down to about 1/2" (for french seams) and pull out the basting threads.  this should mark the seam lines nicely, but not too permanently.

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