Friday, October 23, 2009

With Facings

Since I know that you wanted play by play action...

I like the front, it fits well, and it isn't too tight through the shoulders. I still need to add the structure to the shoulder/back area, but I need more batting for that.

Funny thing about that, I remembered to buy some at Universal, but I only got half a yard and it isn't long enough and I don't want to have to piece it. So, I am going to make it into a bunch of shoulder pads, and get more for the whole shoulder/back pieces.

I am hoping that more shoulder structure will get some of those wrinkles from under my arms.
Speaking of the back:
I really like the fit better since I added a couple of inches to that back belt. I don't know what they were thinking making it too short, but it just looked bad.

I took Jenni's advice and understitched the pleats and they are nice and crisp, even though they pull a little from their basting thread as well.

As for the buttons, I have a few in my stash that will work:
I am actually leaning towards the smaller square ones at the top. I really don't like the great big square ones, but the round ones would work.
What do you think?
I really should go and get more of that batting and get this thing done, but I don't feel like getting out this afternoon.
I had forgotten how much Friday afternoons suck when you are unemployed.
No one wants to talk to anyone new on Fridays. I had an interview last Friday and didn't get a call back for a second interview this week.
Nothing good ever happens on Fridays when you are looking for work.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

This just may work out...

Update on Vogue 1126 jacket: I am not sure about the look of the pockets, and the band could have been moved down even more to lengthen the look.

I haven't padded the shoulders and the back yet, I am hoping that will help that funny wrinkle between the bust point and the side seam. If not, I will try to take it up under the arm and see if that will help.

I really think that I will like it. I will post about what buttons to use as soon as I get the facing sewn on. I have a couple in mind from my stash. The sleeves are pretty comfortable and plenty long. I added 2" because with Vogue, you never can tell.

Something you never say to a Woman

"You remind me of my Mother" -Car Repair Guy

In his defense, he asked me how I knew that my brakes needed fixed and I said:
"Driving around these last few months has heightened my awareness, sharpened my reflexes, and occasionally brought me closer to God."

He laughed and said that I reminded him of is wife.

Then I brought out my new jacket and started pinning the facing to the lapel, that's when I reminded him of his mother.
I said, "If you ever tell you wife that while she's cooking, don't eat anything that she serves."

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