Friday, May 3, 2013

MMM-13 Day 3

What else do you wear on a very chilly May Friday?
A long, 12 hours at the office day?
Your go to, old DIY jeans, an old BWOF blouse and your favorite jade leather jacket.

As for Me-Made-May, the big challenge for me isn't wearing Me-Made clothes (I have a dressing room phobia so don't shop RTW)  all month, its getting decent pictures of each outfit.  I have the new camera but I do need a decent tripod.
Or, more understanding office friends...

I bet I could get them to help, the bathroom shots have to stop.  If (when) I get caught it will be awkward, I mean really, taking pictures in the office bathroom!  Good thing we don't have an HR!

As for this weekend, I have some black and white striped knit that I really need to make a shirt with to go with some of those new jeans!
First things first, good stiff drink for tonight and some work at the office for a few hours tomorrow (I love my job), then I can work on the jeans buttons and those mysterious rivets.

I'll post more later.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

MMM - 13 Day 2

This is a headshot of my BWOF 9-2012 Matthew Williamson dress that I began for that wardrobe contest last year.  They were taking professional headshots at the office today and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to not have to sneak in the camera shot.  I have already broken that cheap plastic tripod so I am going to have to figure out how to, maybe with my trash can on top of my desk and the camera on top of that...  I'll figure something out...   
Tomorrow its more of my new wonderful jeans!
This weekend I have to finish some new tops and get back to the gym more.
i'm just saying

BTW, my excuse for having my good camera at the office is the picture below.  They are building a 40 story condo building about half a block half a block to the east.  From the 9 floor I have the perfect vantage point, those big earth movers look like Tonka Toys.  To the west they are building a string of condos and an 8 story condo building.  The foundation isn't as impressive, but the 2 gigantic cranes are super fun to watch.  Its amazing that we get anything done!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The zen of DIY jeans - Me-Made-May-'13

I am making progress on the jeans.  I took the pattern from Burda 8085 that I first made and reviewed here way back in May of 2008.  Since then I have made several pairs at once in roughly bi-annual waves.

Last year I made a denim muslin not expecting it to fit at all.  I loved it so much that I wore it out.  I didn't serge the seams much (muslin-like) and I used regular C&C cotton corded poly.  I almost wore them out.  The CB seam came unraveled about 2 1/2" and I didn't notice it until I got to work.
Yep, my crack was showing.
Fortunately I get to work before most people and the only awkward moment was when I had to explain why I was leaving the bathroom carrying a stapler.

Have I ever mentioned that I hate muslins...
They always come around to bite me in the butt.

This years versions are an interesting study in how the weight and fiber content of fabric effects the fit and look of a garment.  I am cutting 2 pairs in traditional dark blue denim, and 2 pairs in colored denim-like substance from Emma One Sock.  The fiber content is 80% cotton approximately  18% NYLON and 2% lycra.  It was described as light weight and its really more like shirt weight than pants weight.  The look is COMPLETELY different.  The lighter jade pair are just really kind of embarrassing.  This pair is going to take a tunic or a longer shirt!
The darker pairs look fine, the cellulite wrinkles really don't show.

I finished the belt loops and hem this morning and wore them to work today.  They paired nicely with a striped tank (RTW) and My coral short-sleeved jacket Marfy 2762.
I decided to join Flicker and the Me-Made-May sew-along that is so popular.  With 4 new pairs of jeans, it should be a cinch.  I will post more later.

"I, Becki Chitwood sign up as a participant to Me-Made-May'13.  I endeavour to wear only me made garments (not including lingerie) for the duration of May 2013."

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