Thursday, May 2, 2013

MMM - 13 Day 2

This is a headshot of my BWOF 9-2012 Matthew Williamson dress that I began for that wardrobe contest last year.  They were taking professional headshots at the office today and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to not have to sneak in the camera shot.  I have already broken that cheap plastic tripod so I am going to have to figure out how to, maybe with my trash can on top of my desk and the camera on top of that...  I'll figure something out...   
Tomorrow its more of my new wonderful jeans!
This weekend I have to finish some new tops and get back to the gym more.
i'm just saying

BTW, my excuse for having my good camera at the office is the picture below.  They are building a 40 story condo building about half a block half a block to the east.  From the 9 floor I have the perfect vantage point, those big earth movers look like Tonka Toys.  To the west they are building a string of condos and an 8 story condo building.  The foundation isn't as impressive, but the 2 gigantic cranes are super fun to watch.  Its amazing that we get anything done!

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