Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Marfy 1659 Dress/Shirt saga continues on and on...

I did get some sewing done last weekend, I spent a lot more time than I expected just doing the hong kong finish on the seams. It sure is easier if you haven't sewn the shirt together yet!
As you can see below, I used the seam binding to finish the edge of the neckline, and I stitched it down about 1" from the edge. I finished the back of the collar by turning it to the inside of the collar and handstitching it closed.

I bound the seams of the armholes and the side seams as well. I used silk organza as an underlining for a little body and opacity. It works perfectly, but boy does it make the SA's itch!
This only leaves the finishing of the sleeve hems, the buttons and buttonholes and the hem.
You would think that would be easy to finish those few things, but I plan on planting my fall garden this weekend and I am not sure about the hem length yet.
In the mean time, not finishing the last project hasn't kept me from stashing!
I have a fabulously soft navy wool plaid for a skirt, and a luscious animal silk jersey from EOS.

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