Friday, October 9, 2009

More Marfy Amore!

I ordered more patterns today.

Finish one, buy ten more, there has to be something wrong with the math. I am absolutely enamored with the style, the simplicity and the drafting. I also ordered 2 unpictured patterns from the 2009 catalog: blouse 1925, and jacket 1863. I narrowed it down to the ones that fit my life now, and I will still love years from now.

I guess I had better get sewing.

I can't wait for the 2010 catalog which comes out in January.

I also have good news on the job front. I scheduled and interview for next Wednesday at 10AM.
It is about 1/2 mile from one of my favorite fabric stores!

I haven't decided if that is a good thing, or a bad thing.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Marfy Amore!

Why do I ever sew anything else, ever? Why did I ever doubt you, those pockets are fantastic, except I didn't put in the zippers. I thought that putting them in the pockets would dress it down a bit, and I am dressing things up.

Look at that length! I usually have to add 2", not shorten.

*sigh* I can go to bed happy, even though my phone didn't ring once today. Thats OK, I have more Marfy's!

I still need to do the serging, and the hem. I also need to find some little buttons. Oh, the inner collar seam needs sewn, and the sleeves cuffed.

I also need to write up the process on those pockets.

Tomorrow, McCall's 5597 assembly, and maybe cutting that vogue suit.
I will also order some more Marfy's...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

White Shirt Bliss

I have actually been sewing a bit lately. I have gotten one of those dear little pockets on that white shirt, even though I am not terribly proud of myself.
It is harder than it looks, at least I thought so. I thought that having the pocket on a seam would make it easier, but the seam allowances actually make it really bulky. The bulkiness of the seam allowances on the sides of the pocket made it more difficult to get the welts on the pockets close together.
I would skip the pocket on the other side, but the fabric is a bit thin, and the double layer makes it a bit more opaque.
Another thing that I noticed about this pattern, that front band is more narrow than many shirts that you see. I guess I didn't make a note of that when I laid out the pattern pieces. I don't think it looks bad, I rather like it, but it may have an affect on the size of buttons that I use.

Strange Days Indeed

I've started job searching over the last couple of days, and it is a different environment than it was even six months ago. I met with the head of a well connected, well known CPA recruiter back in April. Then we got together at a swank little restaurant in uptown park (across from her Post Oak office) for breakfast, and she advised me to finish my exam, then we could take over the world. Then she rode off into the sunset with her designer bag and her bright red designer suit.
Just 6 months later she has moved her office to a co-op on the second floor of an out of the way office building between a retirement community and an apartment complex. She has also traded in the uber-stylish red for a gray pinstripe pant suit with a poly chiffon scarf.
The story has been just the same in the other two agencies that I have visited. Offices that used to bustle with excitement are now hush, and feel more like doctors offices. I met with Carol yesterday. She has hooked me up with two of my previous jobs. She did a great job of trying to be enthusiastic and up beat, but there was a change in her tone.
Don't get me wrong, there is hope. I need to submit some references, and tweak some things on my resume. But the work that I have put into kicking up my qualifications will pay off.

The ironic things is that having passed 3/4ths of the test instead of all of it works in my favor. Actually being certified would price me out of the market. I am not so desperate that I will give up any money, but I am hirable at atleast what I was making before.

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