Thursday, October 8, 2009

Marfy Amore!

Why do I ever sew anything else, ever? Why did I ever doubt you, those pockets are fantastic, except I didn't put in the zippers. I thought that putting them in the pockets would dress it down a bit, and I am dressing things up.

Look at that length! I usually have to add 2", not shorten.

*sigh* I can go to bed happy, even though my phone didn't ring once today. Thats OK, I have more Marfy's!

I still need to do the serging, and the hem. I also need to find some little buttons. Oh, the inner collar seam needs sewn, and the sleeves cuffed.

I also need to write up the process on those pockets.

Tomorrow, McCall's 5597 assembly, and maybe cutting that vogue suit.
I will also order some more Marfy's...

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow, that looks gorgeous and the pockets turned out fine in the end.. knew they would.. its a Marfy.
    I will be interested to see which patterns you purchase next from Marfy. The only problem with Marfy is there are so many luscious options to choose from. Only about nine weeks and the new catalogue should be available for pre-order.... not that I am counting down the weeks or anything like that.


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