Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So THATS why I hate silk charmeuse!

So, over my long weekend I did a little stash diving!
This was inspired by my full sewing room and the hefty bill for auto air conditioner repair!
I immediately grabbed 3 fabulous silk charmeuse pieces that I can wear NOW to marry with my old TNT Marfy 0692 free pattern from 2008. Thanks to Jenny for introducing me to this pattern!

Anyway, I remember now why that stuff sits in my stash and just looks pretty.
Love to wear it, HATE to cut it, sew it or finish it. Its like trying to sew Jello. I did OK until I got around to sewing on the neckline binding with very amaturish results:

I am going to have to get creative, stuff like this is very popular right now.
I have some bias strips left over from the binding that I can just pleat and stitch down to cover the neck binding.
I also have one in cream (left over from some wedding dress) and some lace for the neck edge (from said wedding dress). I also have several prints that I may try.
I have also been working on that skirt and it looks GREAT so I will try to post pictures tomorrow.

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