Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh yeah, I have been sewing!

I actually did get a little bit of sewing done before I got sick...
I like the shape of the collar really well. I am still not happy with that shoulder seam. I know that it has to do with that funky point where the collar is sewn to the shoulder seam. In hind sight, I should have been more careful and traced the seam allowance, then clipped the corner. This is way to easy to do with Marfy's, but I didn't.
I also really, REALLY need to drop at least 10 lbs, but I am on the way down instead of up.
I think that a really good shoulder line will help with this, but making a note at this point can't hurt.
I extended the front band by 2 1/2", and I will see how it looks closer to its original length.
I also need to tweak that center front because there is a little too much curve to the seam.

Congratulate me! Vacation is over, for now.

I start Wednesday as a temp with the people that most enjoyed interviewing with! I am just a temp for now, and they don't make any promises, but they CALLED ME!
Now for the important details:

I am going to renew my membership at the gym first thing tomorrow! The gym is right down the street from "the office" :-B and the best way to beat rush hour is to leave the house at 6AM while it is still a 20 min. drive, go to the closest gym and work out (before you talk yourself out of it) then shower and get ready for work while everyone else is stuck in traffic.

2nd important detail, I am going to wear my Marfy 1458 and one of those new pairs of pants that I am now determined to finish this weekend.

This picture doesn't show the darting details like this:
I have 3 pairs of pants from July BWOF most of the way assembled. I tried them on this afternoon and the good news is that they need to be taken in instead of let out. The other good news is that they don't all have the waistbands sewn on yet. They are lined pants so I don't need to tell you guys how much trouble it is to alter lined pants!

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