Friday, May 3, 2013

MMM-13 Day 3

What else do you wear on a very chilly May Friday?
A long, 12 hours at the office day?
Your go to, old DIY jeans, an old BWOF blouse and your favorite jade leather jacket.

As for Me-Made-May, the big challenge for me isn't wearing Me-Made clothes (I have a dressing room phobia so don't shop RTW)  all month, its getting decent pictures of each outfit.  I have the new camera but I do need a decent tripod.
Or, more understanding office friends...

I bet I could get them to help, the bathroom shots have to stop.  If (when) I get caught it will be awkward, I mean really, taking pictures in the office bathroom!  Good thing we don't have an HR!

As for this weekend, I have some black and white striped knit that I really need to make a shirt with to go with some of those new jeans!
First things first, good stiff drink for tonight and some work at the office for a few hours tomorrow (I love my job), then I can work on the jeans buttons and those mysterious rivets.

I'll post more later.


  1. Your jacket is absolutely divine! It looks so soft and executed exquisitely. Amazing.

  2. No one would ever believe you made that jacket. It's hard for me to believe it and I followed the progress!! :) you are a wonderful advertisement for all of us who sew

  3. Thanks guys, I love it like a superhero in a cape!

  4. You are absolutely right in that the photos are the biggest part of the challenge! Yay for you, taking part! Your leather jacket is super cool :)


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