Wednesday, May 8, 2013

MMM - 13 Day 7 and 8

I know, I missed a couple of days, but my weekend gear was MM Jeans for the office on Saturday and Sunday for working from home.  Yep, that's 7 days a week from now until our first quarter deadlines on May 10th and 15th.  Sounds unprofessional, but all the guys are in shorts and flip-flops!

Interestingly, some of the guys complain because girls can wear sandals all the time.  I told him that as soon as he gets a monthly manicure and gets that toe hair trimmed, he can wear his sandals.

Me Made May Day 7 I wore a perfect outfit to beat the Mondays.  My 'old' blue leather jacket (2006 or so), Marfy 0692 in fabulous Cavalli silk charmeuse and my favorite pair of pants from BWOF 7-2009.  Great out fit for a chilly office when its 80 outside.  I'll post a better pic of that blouse when I wear it later, and I'm sure I will.

Today wasn't so impressive.  On a hunch I pulled this old Vogue 1206 out of the back of the closet (of course, its MMM).  I wondered why I don't wear this more often and thats probably because its really not that flattering on me.  I look at that and I see hips and belly!  Its a little better with the jacket on, but it doesn't fit very well either.

The pattern which is now out of print and isn't on the Vogue patterns website, but the few reviews are fairly flattering but on better figure types.

I don't mind the fabric, its a nice men's wear woolen that is high thread count and is pretty comfortable to wear.  But, its brown.  I never wear brown and this isn't a very good argument for it.  It doesn't even look good in
day light.

I need to shelve this one until I have lost about 30 lbs.
You might argue that is doesn't look that bad on me (my husband likes it), but I just don't feel pretty in it.  The top doesn't fit too well, but I don't think thats the problem, it just doesn't flatter my figure.

Now I'm back to MM jeans for tomorrow.

I really love this Me Made May thing, it has made me sit back and examine my wardrobe.  It has also made me realize that I need to get out more. Some day I have got to get to Perth Australia, have you seen those pictures!  hand made by carolyn is a great photographer, but you've got to have something to work with and whether on the beach or in the trees it looks like she lives in a travel brochure!


  1. It's funny how we see ourselves....I think the dress looks good. And I like the color. But I do understand how you feel. I have an outfit that I don't particularly care for but others say they like it. I need to donate that thing!!!

    1. I agree Roz, you have so many TDF outfits, life it to short for what doesn't make you feel great. I will admit, I pulled this for 2 reasons, purging/cleaning the sewing room and MMM fear of repetition.

  2. You look like you have a cool skintone (as do I) so I can see why you aren't a fan of wearing brown.

    I love the leather jacket paired with the Cavalli silk top!

  3. This MMM thing has had an interesting effect on me as well. I too have looked a little more closely at pieces in my wardrobe and out they've gone. I could say a lot of nice things about your dress, you know we are our own worst critics, but, if you don't feel your best in something, that's all that needs to be said about. Life is far too short to not feel and look our best.


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