Saturday, May 11, 2013

MMM Day 11 and some creative sewing space

Friday theme for this week is your creative space.  Since I have done some cleaning and purging I can now show more than just a glimpse in the background of my sewing den.

First of all, creative spaces are inherently disorganized.  I have a sewing 'room' not a 'Studio'  I reserve the right to be cluttered.

My machine faces a beautiful south facing window out to the street in front of my house so that I can spend a rare day off and be completely in touch with the outside world.

Its fabulous for sewing, but sucky for picture taking.  My full length mirror which features prominently in several phone-camera photos is on the opposite wall making for many stinky back-lit horror shots with the flash shining in one corner.

But its great for sewing which is the whole point.

So, the MMM shot-o-day is off to the left, facing the wonderful silk charmeuse 'Den-Of-Color-n-Softness'

For the last Saturday appearance at the office (fingers crossed) I wore my old favorite black denim jeans and my favorite Marfy 2762 blogged about here but never actually finished or reviewed.  Hmmm I really need to do that...

Or I could sew.

I love everything about this except the lack of pockets.  I also need to put the pockets on it.  I really need to do that.  Big patch pockets with yellow zippers instead of flaps.  The shoulders are very flattering.
The ties are kind of an awkward length though, too long for a buckle, but too short to tie into a bow.  I still love it.  Its got a partial lining with hong-kong finished seams and perfect for summer.  Its one of those sewing zen pieces that you just can't stop wearing.

I <3 br="" marfy="">


  1. It's pretty, the color looks good on you! I was too embarrassed to show my creative space, which is a table in the corner of the living is a giant overflowing mess!!

    1. Thanks Kelly, I wonder about people who say that they are creative in immaculate spaces. How do they ever get anything done?

  2. Your blouse looks very nice. Interesting reply above.

    1. LOL, its all about visual stimulation. Neat people just don't understand.


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