Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Me-Made-May half-way

On day 13 its time for a closer look at those jeans.  I finally got better pictures of the dark blue pairs and  immediately went on a diet.

These pictures were taken after a long day of sitting and stress, so they seem a bit stretched.  There is lycra in them, and they don't feel like they are all cotton, but I am happy with them, they feel fine and don't seem to shrink much.

I'm still happy with the pattern, and I look forward to moving on to something that doesn't require such a heavy stitch.

I still love Marfy 1895, but the dry cleaners laundered it instead of dry-cleaning it and the sleeves shrank almost an inch!  I would shorten the to short sleeves, but the sleeve style really doesn't work that way.  I'm also not rushing into cut it because it already doesn't fit in the front anymore.

I still love the colors though.  Some of the construction details are here, and the pattern review is here.

On the 14th I wore my favorite gray pants from Burda magazine July 2009.  I tweaked the fit and made 32 (thats 3, not 32. couldn't afford that much fabric) pairs at once.  I wear them so often that the black pair have worn down to shiny and all 3 pairs have tattered linings.

The beautiful red jacket is Vogue 1037 reviewed here on PR.  I really like this and get many compliments.  It doesn't fit in the front here.  I just refuse to give up some of my favorite garments.  Many women have this problem and walk around with buttons undone or bursting.  I just haven't had time to remake all my fabulous clothes.
The charmeuse top is Marfy 0692 which is remade from a skirt.  It was my second review in 2005, how cute?  It was one of those refashioning contests reviewed.  It really could be a couple of inches longer, but what can I say, I ran out of skirt.  I just have to lengthen the look by wearing a jacket.

Today, day 15 it was cool and rainy this morning, but hot and steamy this afternoon so more layers were in order.

My favorite new leather jacket Marfy 2286 and Marfy 2280 which I absolutely love to wear and goes with almost everything on the planet.  The camisole is another version of Marfy free pattern 0692.

Check out those shoes!  New, fresh out of the box from LK Bennet.   I got them on sale straight from Great Britain.  Funny, these arrived in less time than an orders from many US retailers even though they shipped from Lutterworth, GB United Kingdom.


  1. That little animal print skirt paired with the leather jacket is a fabulous look on you, the cut as well as the colors. I bet heads turn when you wear this outfit!!!

  2. 32 pairs of pants at once? I would not have the patience!

    How are the LK Bennet shoes? Cole Haans fit me best because my foot is on the narrow side, so I was wondering if the LK Bennet sizing was similar.

    1. Things like pants and standard button down shirts I try to make in multiples. I figure I can make 3 pairs of pants assembly-line style (sew the pockets, sew the seams, sew the flys) in the time it would take me to only make 2 if I went through each process individually.

      I like the LK Bennet's, I wear a 9 1/2 in Cole Haans and a 40 in LK's. I got them on sale through their website (great service BTW) so they were more reasonable. I REALLY like the Cole Haan 'air Nike' insole (owned by the same company) which the LK's don't have, but they are still comfortable enough to wear all day.

    2. I really meant 3, not 32.
      Note to self: blog first, then wine.

  3. I like EVERYTHING! Those red shoes are a great pop of color. And I need to check out that Burda pant pattern-looking for a new one. You are rocking your Me-Made-May!

    1. Thanks Roz, I love that skirt. Totally rocking your fabric! I'm working on the cobalt blue and purple voile now, its laid out on my desk for cutting during lunch.

  4. You have some great outfits there. You really have nailed the jacket look - love them all.

  5. Those gray pants look great, I can see why you like them! maybe you should make 32 pairs, haha. That last look with the leather jacket and leopard skirt is FANTASTIC!!! And the red shoes are perfect :)

  6. Lovely outfits. Love the jacket with the leopard skirt, that's just wonderful. Particularly with the red shoes.


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