Monday, July 16, 2012

New sewing project, Marfy 2762

Hey, I finally figured out the easy way to get pictures from my camera phone downloaded to my new MacBook!  Now I can blog more easily!
So here's an update:
I just happened to have the perfect 2012 shade of *it* coral cotton sateen in my stash and it really screams to be a short sleeved jacket.

I totally love the casual look of Marfy 2762, and cute little jackets are necessary here Houston where summer starts early and drags on.

Here it is almost done with out the hem, belt or the pockets.  I am going to change the pockets to incorporate that yellow zipper that I had to use since coral just couldn't be found.  I think it works for tho year when zippers are the accent to have this year.  If I don't like it, I can change it later!

The pattern pieces are laid out below:

Instead of adding the bulk of a full lining, I decided to use a partial cotton batiste lining in the shoulder area, and finish the seams with a charmeuse hong kong finish throughout the rest.  I really think I will like the light weight, and it should wear for a few more years than just served seams.

The part that really befuddled me, and I am still not totally happy with is the front of the sleeves.  The pattern drawing and the pattern layout both show the front of the sleeves overlapping the under sleeve instead of meeting which made it difficult to tuck the seam intersection (point Z on the pattern)
See how one of the sleeves overlaps much better than the other in the picture above? I think I did one sleeve one way, and the other sleeve another way.  LOL!  you can't change your mind about construction half way through!

The way the front yoke is constructed, you can't really tuck the Z point into the yoke seam, or into the pocket.  The picture below is from before the seam finish, but I think I am just going to finish the edge, the hand baste it to the lining to hold it in place.

Oh, for the pockets I will probably just omit the flap and fold the top edge at an angle and put the zipper at the top.  Or, I could get ambitious and put in welt pockets with the zipper at the top...

Who knows...

I must get back to work for now.  This job is killing my sewing at 7 days a week.  But, it has paid for some nice fabric and RTW, so I  guess I shouldn't complain.

Stay tuned for more updates


  1. The jacket is going to be really cute. Really glad you are back blogging again as I love to see your lovely Marfy projects (and the rest of your sewing too of course). Hope work gets quiet enough to allow a bit more sewing time fairly soon.

  2. The beauty of sewing is you get to change your mind! :)
    The jacket is coming along nicely. And you know I'm gonna ask...
    What are you wearing with it?

  3. What a cute little jacket! I just love that contrasting zip, such a terrific idea. Marfy patterns are really challenging, I'm always really impressed when I see someone taking them on.
    thanks so much for your kind comment on my cardigan! :)

  4. Thank you for your comment beccabeck! I take all my own photos using a tripod and a remote control :)


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