Monday, March 28, 2011

Marfy for 2011! 1637 redone

I am loving this jacket. Even lovin' the collar! So now, so Kay Unger-esque. I told my husband that and he asked me which circus she worked for, go figure. (This from a man who buys clothes at the hardware store. *whatever*).

Changes made:

I completely revolutionized the collar of course!

I also added 2" to the peplum. I like the length a little longer

I made the pockets angled like regular pockets (yeah that just looked awkward)

Here is the line drawing:

After wearing the other jacket for a few years I have a couple of observations: no pockets really drives me crazy!, the collar is kind of flippy and a touch awkward, I really think I will like it with a slightly longer look

As for problem #1, I LOVE pockets and this jacket has 3 welt pockets including the interior right breast pocket

#2 I changed the collar so that the upper an lower are joined (I used my Armstrong Patterndrafting book for this)

#3 I added 2" to the peplum of the jacket and 1 1/2" to the top of the bodice like last time.

I just need to add the sleeve lining, I may understitch the collar, add some canvas to the shoulder area and raise the hem just a tad.

Of course I am already thinking of what I can cut next (crazy!)

I have always wanted to make something fab out of that purple on the right, but I only have 1 3/4 yards of it so I am thinking dress:

I have it layed out on Vogue 1233, but I don't quite have enough for the bias band and I would have to make it out of black. On the other hand, I could use 1206.

What do you think for the spring purple:


  1. Love your new jacket! I can't decide on the purple:) I really like V1233 - is there a view with a straight skirt that takes less fabric?

  2. LOL! I like 1233 too, but it takes about 3 yards! I have straightened the skirt andtrimmed the collar and i might be abel to make it work.

  3. Great jacket. I like the straight dress for that fabric myself, though a straighter skirt on the other dress would work well too (fat lot of use I am for helping you make up your mind, eh?)

  4. That jacket looks just elegant.

    I think dress 1206 could work in the purple with a contrast black band for the waist. Just an option.


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