Thursday, March 24, 2011

Marfy 1637 progress for a 4 day weekend

I got the welt pockets in which in itself is an accomplishment.I also got some more fitting approval, and finagled with the fit.

I also set in the sleeves, but i think I need a layer of batting and maybe a layer of canvas to help the structure of the sleeves.
BUT, you will not truly have identity for the garment until you have the collar on it. I am still undecided. I like the pleats and how they creat the texture and the character. But, I am thinking of toning down the statement like making it straighter and narrower. I will wait and think about it tomorrow.
I hope to be done with this and wearing it! Maybe if nothing else comes up.
I have plenty of other things in various stages of unfinished, which does usually keep me from wearing them!

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  1. This is coming along really nicely. I love it already.


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