Saturday, May 29, 2010

Muslins, muslins

I had such high hopes for a 3 day weekend, and I did get some sewing done.
I got more naps, and some cooking, but I didn't even really do any sewing until today.

I have started my exploration of dressmaking by actually making a muslin... thank goodness.

This is Vogue 1183 (I can't get the link to work). It really doesn't work on me, not even close! Even in a different color, the cut isn't going to work.

I got to leave work early Fri. and picked up some great fabric at High's and I think that I will use with this other dress pattern. The pattern is Vogue 8280 which has gotten rave PR reviews.
So, should I go ahead and cut it out with that blue wool/silk blend for the skirt (3/4 yd remnant), and that fabulous gold and cream cotton for the top?

Or should I make an ugly muslin in gray wool that has no body or shape that makes just about everything look horrible?
Even when I weighed 50 lbs less I could never wear all one color head to toe; it always looked horrible so I really think that it more to do with my height than weight.

Oh, I have one more muslin in the works. It is a trench-dress that Kay Y traced and sent me from one of her early 2000's BWOF. This is the top:
the skirt will be A-Line, and I plan on making it out of a dark red cotton twill instead of this too-crisp linen...


  1. I like the dress, it's a good color for you and a great style for work. What about it don't you like?

  2. I look at that and all I see is my stomach... I also think that it would look more balanced with a more defined shoulder, like a little capped sleeve.

  3. From the angle in the pic it looks good, the only thing I see is that the pleats open (these can be tricky) I've sewn things with a little tuck and when they open it's like ugh! do you think sewing them closed might be better?

  4. For sure, if you don't like it, you're not gonna' wear it. Our self esteem takes enough beating when we think we look pretty good, much less if we're less than enthusiastic about our clothes. So, move on and make a beautiful thing!

  5. Hi Becki,
    Sew something you'll love! I always feel guilty if I start something and don't finish it. I am trying to give myself permission to sew only what I love. Afterall, it is our passion, right? We should not make it another chore. If you aren't "feelin' it", let it go!

    I am liking that blue jacket - great color on you!

    :)Deb M.


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