Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Sew Something you Love"...

You've got that right Debra! When you look into your closet, what do you grab first? I have been missing dresses so much lately, they are so easy for busy mornings and so cool for hot days.

So, I grabbed a go-to pattern (one of the Marfy's that I have been dyeing to try, some fabulous fabric and started cutting.

This is the shirt dress Marfy 1659. I am making the top out of a sweet criss-cross pintucked white cotton, and the skirt out of laminated metallic silk/cotton herringbone (both from EOS of course).

I would like to take credit for the mix, but I was out shopping with my boss (yes, I love my job) and she suggested this at Ann Taylor Loft:

You seamstresses will understand why this didn't work out. As cute as it is (love those pleats), it is made out of this awefull acetate-nylon feeling stuff that itched like crazy! Oh yeah, and it is about 6" too short!

I think that the Marfy neckline, skirt and fit will look much better on me!


  1. I like that pattern and your pintucked fabric. I will be watching to see your progress. MARFY patterns are my favorite!
    :)Deb M.

  2. Why even try anything else?... what was i thithking...

  3. Ooh. Looking forward to seeing this one. The white fabric looks really fresh and cool and I love the pattern.

  4. That is very cute, still haven't tried those Marfy patterns.


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