Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Good news! Since I have started walking with dh, I have only lost 1 lb, but I have lost 2" from my hips and 1/2" from my waist.

I have been working on my shirtdress and I finally got it all cut out, all the pieces and all the layers. What made it so time consuming and so fun was those little pintucks. It looks so even and so easy at first glance, but when I started laying it out I realized that its going to be a pain to match!
First, there are 5 stripes in one direction and 3 in the other. You can also see from the faint underneath side that the stripes have more of an angle on the top layer than the bottom! I cut some of the pieces single layer like the front and the collars. I didn't worry as much about the sleeves and the back. In order to match the back perfectly I would have had to put a seam down the middle and I didn't want to do that.
I do have the the bodice and the skirt sewn together, today I hope to put all the collar pieces and rig something together for the facing. I also need to get the waist and skirt sewn to the bodice so I can get a clearer picture of the fit.

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  1. I think this dress will be really nice! Congratulations on the walking -do you have a pedometer?


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