Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nordstrom's Find

In my quest for the perfect dress pattern, I have been popping in and out of stores trying on things at lunch. I have tried on so many different things that my head spins.

But then, I stopped into The Rack, and the least likely candidate just harmonized some how. It is a solid brown cotton shirt dress from Calvin Klein that was on sale for $54. It didn't make me want to run back in the dressing room and hide!

OK, the color is more flattering than this picture shows, but I would never have imagined that this would look so good on me!

It has a 2" hem which I may let out, what do you guys think?

I also really need to put some kind on lining in the skirt since I refuse to make a slip.
But if that looks good on me, this BWOF from January 2008 might too:

What color? Dark denim with good topstitching? Dark red?

There is hope for this dress as well:


  1. Your legs look fine, don't make it shorter. I'm totally me. I like, I like, I like...and you like it too or you wouldn't have posted the photo.

  2. Oh no, I was going to make it an inch or two longer! Was I posting after wine again...

  3. I agree with Annette. You look great with this length.

  4. If you'll wear the dress with heels, leave the length as is. If you'll only wear flats, maybe let it down an inch ir so to mid-knee, but no lower or you'll cut your line and it'll make you look short.

    GO FOR THE VOGUE!! Of course I say that and I literally never wear it. It just feels too sexy & tailored, which I don't mind, but something about sexy & structured in the summertime feels off. It's a fall/winter dress for me.

  5. Thank you so much for the nice compliments! I have the Vogue dress on my cutting table for the muslin for this weekend.
    Regan, I was inspired by your dress and I hope that i do half as good a job on the fit. Both of these dresses are perfect for my office now. I wear dress pants and cotton or knit shirts and I feel underdressed and older.
    I was nervous about the length because my legs aren't in the great shape that they once were, but I was watching legs around the office and imperfections sure don't stop anyone else from a skirt!

  6. What imperfections? I see none. I like the shorter length - and you already know how I feel about heels - "bring 'em!"

    I like the BWOF - I hope you make it - and blog about it!

    You look great in the shirtdress. Isn't it great to stumble on a treasure like that?? Happy Day!

    :)Deb M.


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