Sunday, June 20, 2010

Calvin Klein Shirtdress Refined

Remember my Nordstrom's find from last week?

Its the one with the fabulous details, and the great price.

Anyway, I tried to wear it Thursday, I really did! But, it wasn't lined and I couldn't very well wear it with hose. I just couldn't bring myself to do it! 30+ years of sewing has spoiled me.

I had to either line it or make a slip. Isn't lining something just making a slip and attaching it? I refuse to be one of those girls walking around with 2" of slip showing!

The problem with lining it is all those fabulous details. You will notice that the waistline is double topstitched, there are beltloops and a side zipper. My only options are to undo the topstitching and sew it to the waist seam, or hand stitch it. Considering there was a pretty good golf game on TV, I decided to hand stitch it.

I made the pattern for the lining by folding it in half side seam to side seam, pinning the side seams to each other. Then I just laid the tracing paper on top, and traced my seam line by following the little white spots of the pinheads.

I gave it a little extra room for darts (pleats) for fitting.

Because the fabric has 2% lycra, and my lining is Ambiance with no stretch, I cut the lining on the bias. This gives it just enough extra ease to be comfortable, and takes care of the stress at the seam cause by the stretch of the fabric.

Because I didn't want to re sew all that topstitching I decided to stitch it by hand.
I spent about 2 hours of the golf game making 3/8" stitches from the side zipper, around the waist to to the other zipper tape. I am so glad that I got the lining in, and I hope the seam holds up to wearing.

I plan to wear this tomorrow, so I will let you know!

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