Sunday, June 20, 2010

Marfy 1659 progress!

I am really starting to like this!

I fixed the collar, raised the waist and set the sleeves.

I raised the waist by and inch, which means that I only lowered it by 1" instead of 2. I think that is looks more in proportion with the new waist.

I also straightened out the collar by shortening it on the side that was about 3/8" too long (how did I do that?!).

I am still not sure about the gold in the skirt, dh just thinks that it looks strange.


The sleeves are supposed to have gathers and thick bands, I am not sure if the will be long enough, or how it will look.

I also need to make the facing for the front and post pictures of how I am finishing that wonderful neckline.

I will post pictures as I progress...


  1. Wow, that is coming along beautifully and the collar is very flattering on you. The changes to the waistline height made a big difference to the proportion. Really looking forward to hearing how you finish the neckline.

  2. Another WOW, this is looking fabulous, not sure about the skirt, but that's completely a matter of personal taste. Absolutely love the neckline.


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