Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

I rounded out the Holiday by sipping a gin (Beefeater) martini while watching Inspector Lewis and ordering from Liberty of London!
Have you seen their new fall fabrics?!

This is not you grandma's Liberty of London!

I am actually thinking of making one of those bubble skirts out of this and wearing it with a cute little heather blue sweater.

I also got some sewing done.

Remember that white and gold dress that I wasn't thrilled with? Well, it will make a really cute white top. I will post new pictures later. I made the waist band narrower by 3/8", and cut the peplum 8" long.
This added more shape, and the curved shirt tail hem is much more slimming!
Or, maybe that was the gin... who knows!


  1. Very pretty print, I love liberty!

  2. Ooooh nice fabric, Becki! Is it a border print? I love the peacock colors!

  3. Sorry you weren't thrilled with the dress. Your "save" sounds intriguing and I am looking forward to seeing how that works out for you. Hope you will like that better.


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