Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Marfy 1659 TOP

I like this better!
It needs to be shortened and I am going to try it with a shirt tail hem.
I am also thinking about lining the peplum.
A belt would help too.
I like the texture, and the pintucks!
This will be a very nice blouse.


  1. For what my opinion is worth... I think the length is good as is! I wouldn't make it shorter. It flatters you by making your torso look longer. I do agree on lining the peplum.


  2. That definitely WILL be a nice blouse! I love the fabric and it fits you perfectly.

  3. Nice! I agree wit Peg on both counts - line the peplum - keep the length. Skip the belt. I really like the collar on you.

  4. Wow, gorgeous shirt! That shape is fantastic. I love the peplum, and the fit is great!


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