Sunday, May 2, 2010

A *SKIRT* Marfy 2253

For the first time in about 5 years (and 15 lbs) I started on a skirt today!

This is Marfy 2253 which is one of the free patterns from this years catalog.

Before you think that I am going too uptown, I am using denim! I thought that the yoke front lent itself to the denim look. I am using a dark brown espresso colored denim with 2% lycra from EOS. I have spent days looking for the perfect starter skirt pattern, and I chose this because it will give me freedom of movement and let me get used to working with denim before I start working on jeans.

One question, do you think that one would really be able to get it on and off through that button placket? I guess if I can't I could always sneak in a side zipper.

Before you ask, I am not lining it! I am underlining it so that it doesn't cling to my legs and twist when I walk.

I am also considering a dress *gasp* Do I even remember how to wear a dress? Do I want to? I really see myself as a bit more glamorous than I dress at the moment, and at my new job (with the professional shoe collectors) it is socially acceptable.

Here is one to consider, Vogue 8280 which supposedly looks great on all figure types:

Have you ever noticed that this claim is either made by someone trying to sell a dress, or someone who allready looks like a supermodel!


  1. I have traced and examined that skirt and I think (could be wrong as I haven't started to really play with the pieces) that the pleat is sewn so that it isn't sewn together at the top but rather each edge of the pleat is on a different side of the waistband opening where the buttons are. If this is how I it works, you get three buttons but also the top part of the folded up pleat can unfold itself to give extra ease to get into the skirt. I think there is a marking that says "stitch to here" on the overlap of the pleat. I was going to see if that closed the pleat below but allowed it to concertina open to get my hips in the skirt, then lie closed again once the buttons were done up. I am sorry, its difficult to explain in words and I am not totally certain I am right. However, like you, I couldn't see how I would get in and out of the skirt with just the buttons.

  2. As soon as I got the catalogue that was the pattern I had to make - and I also chose a brown denim. I measured and fretted about whether the opening would be big enough (because my hips are a couple of sizes larger than my waist), but it does work. I didn't do anything cunning with the yoke and the pleat to open it, because I couldn't see how you would neaten/hold up the reverse of the pleat. It ends up being a really simple & useful skirt.

  3. I like that dress. I am partial to dresses. I will be watching your progress with the skirt. Congats on the new job!


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