Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finally Finished! Marfy 2155

Finally done and reviewed! I love the shirt, it feels very pretty to wear, and the fabric is such a caress.

Can't you see that I have already splashed salad dressing on it? The first time that I wore it Arrggg.

I was going to get the buttons on 1885 as well, but it is 9:45! Where does the time go?

Tomorrow night is ASG, so no sewing then either. But, I am working on a knit shirt. I have been waiting for the perfect fabric to make vogue 2980:

That beautiful knit that I just picked up would be perfect so I started laying it out and I ran out of fabric! I read the fabirc requirements, just not the width! I can either use a different piece (like the black and tan at the bottom here:
I tried to find my Vogue 2925 with no luck, but on the bright side, I did find my Burda jeans pattern.


  1. Oh Becki that top looks fantastic. Bummer about the salad dressing. I hope it comes out.
    Were the sleeves difficult to figure out?

  2. Wow the top is so beautiful, I love the color as well....

  3. Oh the shirt is really lovely. I love the collar on you and those sleeves are just divine. Looking forward to seeing the knit top when you have picked a fabric you like. Very annoying that it wasn't the right width.

  4. The top is great, it definitely has a "wow" factor thing going on. Cool neckline, haven't seen one like that.

  5. Beautiful shirt, love those sleeves.

  6. Now that's a great shirt! I love the color, and it fits you perfectly! Good job.

  7. Very pretty blouse. I like the sleeves and the neckline as well.

  8. Wow, that is a fantastic top! Just gorgeous!!


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