Monday, April 19, 2010

Reality Check after a rough weekend

I spent most of my weekend nursing a sinus infection. by that I mean sitting on the couch playing with my laptop and avoiding housework.

I did go out once on Sunday and since I had to go to the grocery store I insisted on running by Hancock's and grabbing this pattern (Vogue 1167):

Fabulous fabric should be coming from EOS on Wednesday.

Anyway, my big reality check is that May starts in a couple of weeks, then comes June. What happens in June is that I turn 40!

How am I going to celebrate you ask...

So many options: London, Paris or New York City?

Actually, I am going to Iowa, Des Moines Iowa. What is the occasion you ask... My stepson is getting married again. He can't get married in some exotic location like HI where he lived for a couple of years, he has to get married in Iowa!

So, what does the step mother of the groom wear to a 4th wedding in Iowa?


  1. First, I like that pattern - all of the pieces! What are you planning to make-I assume the top? The wedding is an obligation not a celebration of turning 40. I think you need a long weekend in Alaska to celebrate!!! I am starting to look for a place to live - hopefully, I'll have room for a guest to stay for free!!!

  2. P.S. We'll be the same age!! Forty for you and the "New Forty" for me!!

    Hope you are feeling better:)

  3. Well Peggy, we are both a long way from 30! You seem to be enjoying ti more the second time than I do the first.

  4. Forty! You're still a baby! And tell me this isn't yor stepson's 4th marriage(?). If so, I'd buy or sew something that can be worn to wedding # 5 also. And I appologize (to your stepson) ahead of time if I misunderstood this post!

  5. I turned 40 in June last year, and was feeling a bit anxious about it, but I can report that I am feeling younger now than at 30!


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