Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Stash!

I broke down and went fabric shopping today. I originally went for buttons but I didnt' see anything that I liked better than what I allready have.
So, in order to not waste the trip, I picked up this pretty silk jersey (little thin, but nice) for a top. It will nook nice with brown or khaki pants.
I also found some super soft Sea Island Cotton knit in a dear soft blue so I got enough for 3 Tshirts.
They also had the best black denim with a soft firm texture and only 2% stretch denim, so I got 4 yards of that. I really want to make a black jeans jacket and some cool black jeans.
As for that shirt, I spent about an hour writing my review, so remember *really helpful*. I still have to get pics with the buttonholes and buttons, once I get them done. So I should get it posted by about Wednesday...
Is is just me or does the entire weekend get wasted grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning?


  1. Did I mention that I just went for buttons that I didn't even get anyway?
    If you are looking for denim, Universal has the best, but don't forget your checkbook...

  2. I could tell by the descriptions you went to Universal! I'm surprised you couldn't find buttons there:) I like your silk knit! The knit shop I have started going to has some unique buttons.

  3. Becki, great fabric - the scale of the print, the colors, the design - all perfect for you. I can't wait to see what you do with it!


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