Thursday, April 8, 2010

Little quality time with BWOF

It really has nothing to do with saving the ozone layer and everything to do with the hour that it takes to drive the 14 miles from my new job to my house.

So, today I rode the Metro bus.

The trip was nice this morning. I took a selection of BWOF's and Marfy 2155 to pin the sleeve in. The bus left right as I got out of my car, but that gave me time to use the ATM to put money on my little bus pass card and talk with my fellow riders. Anyway, it took me an hour to get to work on the bus instead of spending the hour in traffic.
The ride home was worse, it took 2 hours.
To make a long story short, I got to thumb through part of my box of vintage BWOF's that I am "storing" for my dear friend Peggy.
The ladies in my office wear skirts so I am feeling the pressure. I stumbled across this beauty from August 2007, how cute would that be in a subtle stripe!
I never would have come across this without my cross town bus trip.
As for it being worth $6.50, the jury is out.


  1. Cute skirt! And, I am so glad you are storing and enjoying the box of Burdas. Why did it take two hours to get home? That is a little excessive even for Houston!

  2. The biggest delay getting home was the fact that the bus only comes by every half an hour. The first bus drove right by and didn't stop, the second bus was on the north bound side of the street instead of the south bound side. Their bus route info isn't trerribly clear, and I wasn't very smart! I left work at 5 and got home about 7.

  3. Great skirt! I think that would be great in a stripe. Good luck getting your commute worked out, I used to use the busses all the time when I lived in Champaign, IL, but here they are cutting routes and for me to get to the nearest commuter parking lot, I would have to drive as far as I would to work!


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