Saturday, June 25, 2011

Luscious Linton!

I consider it my duty as a self proclaimed fabric connoisseur to report on my experiences with the one and only "Linton Tweed" as purchased at
After many, many hours of snooping and ogling I finally actually ordered some tweed. I was pleasantly surprised. For some reason good customer service still surprises me...

I ordered 3 pieces at 2 meters each on a Wednesday afternoon, and I had my lovelies by Monday! I can order from 1,000 miles away and not get it that fast! I had an email confirmation by Thursday morning (order #180!), I politely inquired about my tracking number (which they politely sent) and I received my package Monday!

Pictured here is #2852 which is oh so close to a Oscar De La Renta dress which I saw at Saks Off Fifth ave earlier this year. (the top fabric is a paisley silk which happens to blend perfectly). The variations in texture betweent he finely woven inserts and the heavy colored yarns were a fabulous contrast from the old fuddy 'Chanel' fabric that I saw in the fabric shops, and ODL turned it in to a young and vibrant corset dress. I had to find some and do something young with it...

Now the hard part, finding something young to do with it...

The black and white (in the background of the swatches) is about 50/50 silk and cotton so it easily transforms into this dress V8739. I would like to add a collar, we will see how it goes...

My favorite of the 3 fabrics is the red/tan one seen here: is my favorite and I will wait for this fall to decide what it wants me to turn it into.

They also sent me quite a few swatches which I am mulling over. I will say, if you see something that you want you had better order it, they do sell out of some things.

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  1. Those are beautiful, can't wait to see it sewn up.


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