Monday, March 7, 2011

Break from Soul Sucking

I am back...

I have been away for awhile (understatement)

Not sewing much (understatement)

That perfect 45 hour a week job has taken a turn towards 50 hour soul sucking, but thats another story. "What do you look for in a job?" for another time.
I have finished a skirt from this wonderful navy window pain plaid:
Its McCalls 5523 and its quite worth the fan fair. Lovely potential for stripes and plaids. So, of course I went over board:
Bias plaid on the sides and the gusset in this dark plaid make it almost boring and plain, or almost over the top. The back has a gusset which adds flair, and the plaid looks quite interesting:

Check out those shoes!! Kenneth Coles gray snake and silver heels! I grabbed them over lunch one day.

This is another job hazard, lunch at Nordstrom!
I have never been a shop till you drop gal, but i have spent more time in Ann Taylor in the last month than I did in years before that. I haven't been around clothes hoarders much so this is quite new to me. They have closets stuffed full of cheap clothes, some of which they have NEVER worn!
They drag me shopping because I'm the best heavy. They want me to talk them out of buying the wrong thing and I can do that. "Do you LOVE it?" Am I the only one who asks this?
Shoes are my weakness. I'll show you my Kate Spades next.
Next i will post some spring plans, including another Marfy 1637 for that lined jacket contest.


  1. Wow! It has been a really long time:) Love the way you cut the plaid for the skirt. It looks great.

  2. Welcome back. That is one gorgeous skirt. And the shoes are lovely. I too have a bit of a shoe thing going on. And yes, if I don't absolutely love a garment/item in a store, it doesn't come home with me. I am looking forward to seeing the Marfy jacket and could we please, pretty please, when your soul sucking job allows, see the patterns you got this year from Marfy?

  3. A little less soul sucking job at the moment leaving room for smocking classes (gasp!). I am crossing my fingers that it doesn't become an understatement soon. Great skirt, great shoes!

  4. Can't wait to see the Kate Spades! Your skirt looks really nice too.


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