Sunday, December 5, 2010

Party Dress! Vogue 1162

This was just a bad karma dress, but I finished it with about an hour to spare! Seriously, the power went out at 5 and the party was at 7!

I decided to pass on the flowers, other reviewers have said that they take about 6 hours of hand sewing each. This is too much for a dress that you only wear once or twice!

IMHO they are a little strong, but they might work well in a more subtle color like all black.

The lace looks OK.

The pattern calls for crepe back satin (seriously?) or something matte, and organza or chiffon for the contrast which might be a nice touch. But, I was out of organza, and I hate sewing with chiffon (its like Jello).

This is rated advanced and they really mean it! I thought it would be relatively simple without the flower, but that pleated ruffle really caused me some trouble. It also hides a tricky little side panel that is covered by the ruffle.
As for instructions, they are brief at best. They didn't help me with anything that I couldn't have figured out on my own, but maybe I'm just bitter because they didn't really have enough illustrations to clarify. The ruffles are pictured to the left

The party was nice (funeral directors! who would have guessed) The food was really good (cannoli was TDF) and the company was nice.

More about those ruffles and corners later. For now I am getting back to another fur collared winter jacket.

Marfy 1980:

I have a couple of fox pelts that have been in my stash for years, and some creamy sage paisley chenile-ish fabric which will be all nice and cozy.


  1. becki-c!!!What you lad! Your work has affected me so beautifully turned out, I also have two fur skins, don `t know what to do with them, lie for years, but because you can sew collars, just don` t know yet how,,, thank you

  2. And liked your idea with the dress, your better and more practical, albeit with a rose every day is like:)
    For new clothes and then you can sew ...

  3. Gorgeous dress.
    Looking forward to seeing the Marfy coat too.

  4. The would-have-been opportunity cost of making those roses is money well saved:). Its a gorgeous dress the way you made it and that colour is really nice on you.

  5. Wow - what a perfect fit! Are you sure you won't wear it for a few more occasions? The pleating at the side seam is terrific.

  6. Your dress looks great, I love the ruffles and the color!

    Tallbean (from patternreview)

  7. BECKSTERRRRRRR! Where are yooooou??? Miss you and hope you're warm in TX! xoxo


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