Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lined Jacket Contest

I have started working on my lined jacket for the contest. I really thought about making something new, but I really wanted a summer version of Marfy 1637.
I know that there are a lot of cute new things, but I felt like going with something familiar.
I am making some changes though. I am narrowing the neckline by about an inch so it isn't so wide.
The upper collar isn't going to change (so far) so it should come a little lower on the neckline. I am thinking about taking the lower collar piece and making it a ruffle. I have a good bit of fabric left over, so I have some room to play with this.
I am also making it 2" longer by lengthening the bottom peplum.
You can see some of my pattern chages in the layout here.
The fabric is a fabulous silk/wool blend from High's which has a lovely gold sheen and a fabulous drape.
The lining that you see is a pretty silk charmeuse roll end from EOS
I promise, I will post pictures of my Marfy patterns. I haven't received my order yet, but there were quite a few wonderful things in that new catalog.

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