Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Free Marfy 0303

Because I have sworn to not buy any more patterns or fabric until I finish 1 thing.

What causes the blatant pile of UFO's you ask…

Well, everything fits right, flatters when its still in the flat pattern stage…  I think that's the heart of the reason I stash.  In the 'some assembly required' stage every pattern, every piece of fabric every hem and every idea makes me look like the supermodel, while its just cut out.
Marfy 0303 and some random Pinterst outfit

I will also confess that somethings I start just to work through some construction trick or to see how the fabric will handle a certain shape.  Some ideas work out better than others.

I like to take the shape or image of a pattern and reinterpret it in my own way.

That brings me to Marfy 0303 which is a free pattern provided in the graph with the 2014 Marfy catalog.  I only gave the pattern a passing glance because I'm not convinced that the sheath is my best look and well frankly, its a little plain considering the rest of the catalog.  Then I saw another blogger Core Couture make it up and I was a little impressed.  Then I saw this top on Pintrest and I said "heeyyyyy, I know that pattern!"

So, I have this baby soft and sturdy cotton and lycra knit from Sew Much Fabric (hurry, its still in stock) that is the perfect navy and cream.

Another reason I have a pile of WIP's (accounting terms for UFO) is because cutting is soooooo easy.  For as long as my home contains a little corner for work, my office will contain a little corner of heaven.  They assigned me HUGE desk, what did they really expect me to do?

Here is a pic of part of my little lunch room (the office doesn't have one).  Don't get my wrong, I have another small table that I fix salad on everyday, but this is the 'recess' part of lunch.  My new sewing project bag from Form & Fabric is what keeps me from forgetting things like scissors, interfacing, pins and all those other essentials.  At a hefty 10" by 16" everything fits and it slides perfectly into my computer bag.  This is where I also trace patterns, the daylight is awesome.

For those of you who have never "taken the plunge" and made your first Marfy, this is how I approach the whole no-instructions conundrum.
  • Look at the pattern and think through it.  
  • Make a note of the matching letters which are clearly marked.
  • Lay it out in order, I often take a picture of the pattern as assembled for reference.  
  • I measure the pattern Bust, waist and hips and plan alterations.
  • Consider and note what interfacing is needed and where.
For this pattern I used strips of fusible tricot from Fashion Sewing Supply to stabilize the empire, and I'm going to try clear elastic on the neckline so it doesn't stretch out.
  • Consider the finishes and closures.  Things like button plackets, hems, arms and neckline as well as other details will affect seam allowances.  
I decided to cut 9" below the waist to give myself the latitude to set the hem later.

As for construction order:
First, I stabilized.  Fusible interfacing gets fused and seams get starched to tame the curl.
  1. Finished the front neckline.  This is necessary as the first steps since it intersect the bodice as a crossover.
  2. Stitched the right upper bodice to the bodice, pivoting at the center front (slit through the SA).
  3. Oh yeah, finish the back neckline.
  4. Sew the front to the back
  5. Check the fit.  Do I want to create a sleeve?
  6. Finish the armholes.  I just turned and stitched with a zigzag
  7. Hem
  8. Brag
There you go, 8 steps to a new top.


  1. Love the stripe!! And I really like the pattern too.

  2. Thanks Becki for blazing the trail on this pattern. I have copied and saved your instructions!

  3. Love stripes and thank you for the instructions!

  4. Wow, what a fab idea. Thanks for the instructions...and the inspiration. I liked the neckline but not the sheath dress... I am not a huge dress wearer, but I love the idea of making it as a top. Might have a go myself... may have a dig through my patterns to see what else I can cut into a top.

  5. Hi Becki! Thanks for the link and I'm so glad that showing what I made, made you make yours - if you know what I mean? I made a top too from some leftovers in jersey, so no need for a zip - it's a good way to use up bits especially if you contrast the bodice bit. Great idea to use stripes and to such good effect - very Bardot!

  6. Oh... I really want to try Marfy. Thanks for the steps. Love your fabric choice!


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