Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Marfy 0303 T-shirt pics

Free Marfy 0303
As styled for work with navy J.Crew pants.

I like the front.  The neckline hugs without pulling.

The peak of the crossover looks nice.

I serged and turned under the hem and it curled.
It curled and curled and curled.  I swear its about an inch longer (and needs to be) when it isn't curled.
They best way that I found to keep knits flat for sewing is spray starch.

Spray 'sizing' on the left, starch on the right
Seriously, hands down better than sizing spray.

The down side is that you have to give yourself enough time to make a couple of passes and let it dry between starching.

The right edge of the pieces is interfaced with fusible tricot.

BTW, I ended up taking about an inch out of the fullness because it bunched.

Interior, interfacing in the middle, clear elastic at the neck

Insides as finished:

  • interfacing on the center seam
  • clear elastic on the neckline
  • armholes were turned under and stitched

OK, the arms are a little unstable and gapey.  I should have used interfacing there I guess.  They do stretch a little.

I also used the terrific precision seaming zigzag method.  I'll post more on that later.


  1. The stripes look lovely in this style, what a great tee!

  2. A very stylish top and great tip about the starch.

  3. Lovely, what a take on a striped shirt. Inspirational too!

  4. Looks great. Thanks for the starch tip.... must try that one out. Am always keen to try ways to tame knits.

  5. Lovely tee with a great neckband.

  6. Looks great. Try pairing it with a white skirt and those new killer shoes!

  7. That T-shirt is awesome, love the neckline. I will definitely try this. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips, like the spray starch.

  8. Yes! it looks great! Good idea!


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