Sunday, April 22, 2012

Some Marfy Basic info

Due to the new sale on Marfy's for NEW Club BMV members, I have decided to post a little about measurements and size comparison.  I am comparing mainly two straight dress patterns, one is McCall's 6028 on the left, and the other is Marfy 2733 on the right.  For comparison I used McCall's size 14, and Marfy size 46

The McCall's dress is described as fitted, the Marfy dress description doesn't actually talk about the fit like some of them do.

The chart below give the measurements stated on the size chart (in inches) and the measurements on the actual pattern pieces (as measured on Marfy and stated on McCall's)  

McCall's McCall's Marfy  Marfy 
6028 6028 2733 2733
Size Chart Actual  Size Chart Actual
Bust 36 40 37.75 39.5
Waist  28 32.5 30.75 34
Hips 38 41.5 39.5 41.5
Back waist length 16.5 15.75 17 16.25

Both dresses have front and back princess seams for shaping.  I measured a similar Vogue dress (#1100 which I couldn't find a picture of) from the Vogue Wardrobe collection and found it to be exactly the same as the McCall's pattern so I didn't include it in the comparison.

I hope that this helps some of you guys at least a little if you want to pick up a Marfy in the sale.

One rant about BLOGGER:  I had a nice little post written up yesterday with more pictures and warm fuzzes, but when I looked at what I had posted it was completely BLANK!  This made me feel like a total fool.  There was no record of my wonderful oration so I had to start over which is why I may sound a little irritated this morning, sorry about that.
I will post more sizing and pattern comparisons later when I dig out some of my Burda traced patterns.


  1. That's really interesting. Thanks for doing this. Seems to be less ease in the Marfy patterns. The back length difference between actual measurement and pattern on the McCalls is interesting. The dress doesn't appear to be high waisted yet surely those measurements put the waist two inches higher than the body measurements suggest it should be. Or have I read it wrongly? The Marfy is much closer to the body measurements given with only standard wearing ease over the body measurements. The bust ease on the Mccalls is so much more than on the Marfy and for a similar fit. Really interesting results.

    So annoying that blogger was misbehaving. I saw your blank post and figured it was up to its tricks again.

  2. I was thinking about you when I saw that they are now offering 15% off on the Marfy patterns with Club BMV. Interesting ease study, I like that Marfy gives a little more ease at the waist (must be pasta ease :), vs the bust and hip ease.


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