Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Monday Part II, from afar

I got the most wonderful surprise at the office today!

A box of Anglophile dreams from my friend Jenny (Sewyld or Yorkshire Lass from PR).  My favorite thing is what I think is a tube pass cover, it has a graphic of the tube system on the back, and it holds my driving license and accounting license perfectly so I don't have to dig for it in my purse.  I also got a wonderful shopping bag from the V&A Museum, an address book and pencil, some lovely shirting perfect for summer and some stitch markers to go with the fabulous summer colored skeins of yarn for summer knitting.
Each and every item came individually wrapped in wrapping paper so it was like an early birthday!  I got to unwrap each one individually so as I unwrapped them a small crowd formed in my office.
It really was a happy Monday!

It was so wonderful to see that things that come from Great Britain come with a lovely gold stamp labeled "Royal Mail" and have a beautiful picture of The Queen.  Even their post looks regal.

One of my office buddies asked me how I could consider people I would never meet my friends.  I asked him what he knew about allowing for the turn of the cloth on the roll line of a collar stand, he just rolled his eyes.  I think its a little arrogant to assume that the best people to be friends with are within arms reach, sometimes we just need to grow long arms.

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  1. Glad you liked it all. I love your comment about growing long arms and its so true. It is a privilege to be able to call people friends even when they are far away geographically. And its such fun too. I had such a fab time looking for the items for the box.


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