Monday, May 14, 2012

Marfy 2280, instant gratification

I set aside that dress 2758 to work on the fit, and tried to get Marfy 2280 done this weekend.  I got close!  Seriously, how long can one skirt take?  Well, when you add in one movie (Dark Shadows which I highly recommend to those who appreciate the dark side of Johny Depp), some gardening and a couple of naps it takes a weekend and maybe an evening or two.  The pattern is Marfy 2280 seen here:

Since the largest size the skirt comes in is a 46 (30 3/4" or 78 cm waist by pattern guide, actual measurement is 32" or 81cm) and it is only 18" long, I had to add 6" to the length and 4" to the waist.  Is it still the same pattern then, or just a desperate exercise in  denial? 
LOL!  Denial is such a fun place to visit!

I decided to add 4 1/2" to the top section (above the pleats) and 1 1/2" to the hem.  This will make it a little flippy at the hem without looking overtly pleated.

Notes about the pattern:  As you can see form the plaid in the drawing, the hip insets are cut on the bias.  Even if you don't cut this in plaid, the bias is a nice touch for a little ease in the hips so it doesn't sit so tight.  This also means that I BARELY got it out of this wonderful 1 5/8 yard (45" wide) remnant from Roz @ Sew Much Fabric in Houston.  This is navy leopard print is actually 80% silk and 20% cotton from Designer 3.1 Phillip Lim.  It has all the softness of silk, but the substantial hand of cotton.  It is a wonderful weight for a dress or skirt.  If I had had more, it would be a dress.  Having the sides cut on the bias also means that I am putting the zipper in the back instead of trying to get it to lay flat on my hip.
Also, the bottom pleats make it almost straight across the bottom which is the selvage.  It only curves up 1/2" from the center front to the sides so it will be quite easy to hem.  Yes, that means that I cut it cross grain in order to get it out of 45" wide fabric.  I will try to forgive myself...

As of this morning, I have the body together and the zipper sewn in.  I just need to put the lining together and sew it on with the waistband, then hem it and I am done.  I hope to post more complete pictures in the next few days.


  1. That will look great! I really like interesting skirts. What are you wearing with this?

  2. With? You think I have planned what to wear it with! I was actually thinking of a simple cream sweater shell and a red jacket. Would that be too much? How about a cream sleeveless sweater and a magenta cardigan? BTW, my office is FREEZING so the layers are a must.

  3. Oh wow. That is going to be so fabulous. I can't wait to see this finished. Its such a lovely pattern and the fabric is to die for. Thanks for the detailed information about the pattern construction.

  4. I like the magenta idea! Do you wear orange? That would look great or a kelly green.


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