Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Twist sleeve 2155

I am making progress!
I really like the collar. Its banded and curved, unlike a couple of their shirts that I have sewn lately.
I figured out how to sew the sleeve on, but I think that I will be happier if I take some of the fullness out of it.
As for the construction, I was looking at it while having a glass of wine one evening, and it occurred to me that this is just like a pair of pants with the legs tied together.
I doubled the fabric so that the hem wouldn't show, so it has a center front and center back seam which I sewed first.
Then I sewed what would be the inseams and the out seams. The only seams that you have left open are the waistband and the hems.
The waistband seam gets sewn to the top of the armhole. The legs of the pants wrap around each other, then you gather where the hems would be, and sew them into the armhole under where the waistband is sewn.
My thoughts from looking at the picture is that the tie part is a little bulky. I did double the fabric when the pattern doesn't tell you to, so I might go back and take the second layer out. I could also help this by making the "legs" of the sleeve narrower, so I don't know what I will do.

The fabric is just a bit sheer so I added the yoke, and doubled the center front piece.
I am glad that I took the picture of the back... you can see my strap...
Not that I can do anything about that now, but it is nice to know.

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  1. You gave a very good explanation of the twisted sleeve. How interesting!


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