Monday, November 2, 2009

Hhmmm - Marfy 1903 closure?

I have this blouse cut out (except for the facings which are of plain silk twill), and I am thinking through my construction steps. I can't figure out how I am going to close it!

My first instinct is to go with an invisible zipper, but the fabric is a bit too delicate for that, and the curve of the seam would make it a challenge.

The drawing to the right, and the diagram below indicate that you are too use buttons, but Marfy usually includes markings for buttons when they are to be used. If I go with buttons between the 'F' and 'H' markings, I would have to put them on the left side underneath as well as the right side. In other words, the underlay would have to be secured as well as the overlay. I suppose I could do this and have them button to the inside, but that might be a little awkward.

Any suggestions? I have made and worn crossover tops before, and really liked them, but they all had wrap around ties. I suppose I could draft that, but it isn't what I want with this print.

One more change that I think I will make is to put button cuffs on the sleeves. As you can see above, they are designed to have elastic at the wrists, but I don't think that will look very good under a jacket. I am concerned about the fullness of the sleeves as it is, I don't want them sliding up when put my jacket on, or tumbling out from underneath like I am a magician hiding a magic scarf.

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  1. Pleat or gather the end of the overlay onto a piece of interfaced fabric, which would become the inside of the end of the overlay. That's my guess. That piece could then zip, button, or hook onto the side seam of the garment.


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